Saudi Arabia launches wage subsidy program

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development and Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources of Saudi Arabia announced on Thursday the launch of a wage support program to stimulate Saudization of industrial sector jobs in the year 2021.

As part of the initiative to boost Saudization in the industrial sector, 50 percent of the wage will be provided for hiring, providing training, and qualifying Saudis to take up jobs by the industrial establishments, with a maximum amount of SR3,000.

The program will be implemented, in cooperation with the Human Resources Development Fund (HADAF), Technical and Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC), and the Council of Saudi Chambers (CSC) by providing incentives and support to factories, and attracting national talent to work in industrial facilities.

The ministries said in a joint statement that the parties participating in this program will undertake the mission of raising the attractiveness of jobs in factories for Saudis and creating the appropriate environment for them to join work in the industrial sector, by formulating and regulations that help them join the sector.

According to the statement, HADAF will provide support, while the training and qualification will be provided by TVTC. The ministries affirmed that this program would contribute to providing young men and women job seekers with the necessary skills through training programs provided by HADAF and technical and vocational training by TVTC so as to ensure their continuity in work and to provide them with the major skills that help them raise productivity and business quality.

The ministries explained that the program will work through many paths to attract Saudis to take up jobs in the industrial sector. The program also supports the transportation of women workers through the program to support the transportation of working women (Wusool). The beneficiaries of Wusool will be those women whose salaries are less than SR8,000 in addition to full support for the training programs provided by HADAF.

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development called on industrial establishments to play their role in creating job opportunities for citizens, attracting national competencies that contribute to supporting the local economy and providing job opportunities for the sons and daughters of the nation. All industrial establishments that have a license from the Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources can enter the special platform through the national employment portal “Taqat” to benefit from the support programs.

It is noteworthy that this plan comes following the activation of the memorandum of understanding signed by a number of bodies, which included the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources, TVTC, HADAF, and CSC.

More than 16 executive meetings have already been held to study the objectives of the industrial sector, in addition to listening to the demands of the industrialists and the challenges that they face. Subsequently, numerous training and rehabilitation programs have been conducted.

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