The value of Qatar trademark 240

The State of Qatar recorded a significant improvement of 10 percent, by 23 billion dollars at once, in the index of the most  powerful brands of countries for the year 2023 issued by the international agency Brand Finance, which measures the most valuable brands of countries around the world, to reach the level of 240 billion dollars, compared to a level of 217 billion dollars. In the 2022 ranking, Qatar’s ranking also advanced 7 places in the influence sub-index classification, ranking 14th in the world. Qatar also climbed the global reputation sub-index ladder, by 5 ranks, to 25th in the world in the 2023 ranking.

The ranking of the most powerful brands of countries for the year 2023 is of particular importance. Because it is based on measuring 3 basic elements that determine the competitiveness of countries, and they include investments, society as well as commodities, where the investment component focuses on multiple areas, including the extent of development of legislation, infrastructure, the extent to which investors enjoy protection, the use of technologies, research and development, the ease of establishing and managing businesses, and the extent of development Markets, training and education, and the ability to maintain competencies and benefit from them. The community component also focuses on several areas, including combating corruption, the extent of development of the judicial system, security and safety, and the standard of living quality. As for the commodity component, it focuses on many indicators related to goods and products, their ease of flow, and government policies. competition, and the level of commercial openness.

The brand of the State of Qatar benefited a lot from the 2023 World Cup, which achieved impressive success, the investments of the Qatar Investment Authority (the sovereign wealth fund), which are sprawling around the world, and Qatar Airways International, which ranks first in the world, as well as the exceptional performance of Hamad International Airport, which tops the list of the best airports in the world, in addition to To companies that have global investments such as Qatar Hospitality, Qatar National Bank and Qatar Energy.

The State of Qatar is witnessing a great development in terms of investment openness and the development of the legislative environment to become more attractive and flexible, while the State of Qatar enjoys the best overall economic stability rates at 98.6 degrees out of 100 degrees. It also ranks first in the Arab world in entrepreneurship and first in the world in the Numbeo Safety Index for 2022 and second In the Middle East in the global financial security index and the third in the world according to the ease of doing business index for the year 2020 of the World Bank, as well as it is the second largest competitive economy in the region according to the classification of the Institute of Administrative Development for Competitiveness and ranked eighth in the world in the long-term government vision index issued by the World Economic Forum Davos. While it tops the list of countries with the lowest global unemployment rates by 0.1 percent according to the data of the Planning and Statistics Authority. It also ranks fourth in the world in financing small and medium-sized companies according to the classification of the World Economic Forum «Davos» and the fifth in the world in the provision of venture capital and the sixth in the world in government response to change and the seventh in the world in government efficiency according to the classification of the World Economic Forum Davos.

Qatar continues its transformation process aimed at embracing international companies and foreign investors in the best possible way. It spares no effort, whether through flexibility in the field of ownership, competitive taxation system, world-class infrastructure, diversity of competencies and talents, its global contact, or the diversity of social and cultural options it provides, and this helps in consolidating its position as a regional and global investment center. According to the investment guide, the country’s GDP is 179.

Qatar ranks fourth in the world according to the leadership index in the 5G network, with an Internet penetration rate of 99 percent, while it ranks eighth in the world in adopting information and communication technology technologies, according to the World Economic Forum Davos, with a world-class logistical infrastructure and a global network with lines Qatar Airways that connects investors to global markets, as well as free zones that provide a smooth establishment process and connect investors with opportunities and related businesses, in addition to carefully designed industrial zones that provide companies with an attractive environment to launch and develop their businesses.


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