Alarming rise of Hamas in the United States

Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented


Following October 7 Hamas pogrom in Israel where over 1,400 innocent people were brutally murdered with babies and elderlies been beheaded and 224 people held hostage in Gaza, Hamas and Palestinian terrorists are continuing showing red-eyes through so-called protests, which actually are loud and clear signs of Islamist terrorist threats of an Islamic conquest of the United States and the West with spread of Hamas terrorism thus challenging the democratic fabric.

While pro-Hamas mobs are continuing notoriety in most of the educational institutions in the US, University Presidents at Harvard University, Princeton University, University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University, Brown University, George Washington University, and Cooper Union are totally silent on such notoriety. At Cooper Union Jewish students were bullied and terrorized by an unruly and thuggish pro-Hamas mob.

At George Washington University Hamas mob displayed slogans on its Library wall stating – “Glory to our martyrs” and “Free Palestine from the river to the sea” – which are code for annihilation of Israel. Unfortunately, no one uttered a word in defense of the Jewish students. Instead, pro-Hamas thugs at the George Washington University were sharing videos and still photographs of such notoriety on social media – with the nefarious agenda of spreading such anti-Israel terrorist threats targeting Jewish students in other educational institutions.

During the eve of Yom Kippur – the Jewish high-holiday of the year, anti-Semites at Penn University were featured at the “Palestine Writes Festival”, which very unfortunately met with total silence from the hierarchy and carried extra meaning of outrage in light of the October 7 Hamas pogrom not long afterwards.

At Princeton University, Jasbir Puar’s book titled “The right to main: Debility, capacity, disability” was included for a humanities course, which spookily predicted and encouraged Hamas pogrom of October 7.

At Harvard University, a pro-Palestinian student group penned a letter saying that Israel was “entirely responsible” for October 7 pogrom.

At Columbia University, Professor Joseph Massad called the October 7 gruesome Hamas pogrom – “astounding” and “incredible”. Protesting such notorious actions of Professor Massad, 34,000 signatures were garnered demanding his firing. But unfortunately, no action has been taken.

On October 25, 2023, students at more than 100 US college campuses staged walkouts demanding an “end to US aid to Israel” and that their institutions “divest from weapons companies” allegedly involved with Israel. This was organized by Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and several other student groups.

Some events included language that both explicitly and implicitly condoned and praised Hamas’s actions, promoted the destruction of Israel, and called for the exclusion of “Zionists” from public life on campuses.

Although White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby called anti-Israel, pro-Hamas protests on college campuses as “the definition of unacceptable”, there has been no initiative in banning such notoriety.

According to New York Post, John Kirby said:

Over the past week we’ve seen protests and statements that call for the annihilation of the state of Israel and call for genocide of the Jewish people.

We’ve seen Jewish students targeted. We’ve seen them intimidated on their own college campuses. It’s repugnant and it’s the absolute opposite of what we’re supposed to represent as a nation.

Kirby added: “Delegitimizing the state of Israel, praising Hamas murderers who slaughtered people, targeting Jewish students, that’s, quite frankly, the definition of unacceptable and of antisemitism, quite frankly”.

It may be mentioned here that it was the White House’s highest-profile denunciation of anti-Jewish hatred on college campuses after the Hamas pogrom on October 7.

Fox News in a report titled ‘The most extreme anti-Israel, Hamas-sympathizing moments on college campuses since the Oct. 7 attacks’, giving detailed description of some of the anti-Israel protests in the US colleges, said, “Since the Oct. 7 attacks committed against Israel by Hamas, there has been an outpouring of protests across the world not condemning the terror group but rather the Jewish State, which is still reeling from the murder of over 1,400 Israelis.

“But perhaps the most extreme displays from the Hamas-sympathizing supporters are coming from American college campuses…”

Quoting Senator Tim Scott, The Hill in a report said: Presidential candidate Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) said foreign students protesting at US colleges against Israel amid its war with Hamas in Gaza should be “deported”.

“Any time you actually encourage for the genocide, the elimination of an entire race of people, any time you support terrorism and encourage murder, there should be consequences. It should be consequences for those students. And it should be consequences for those universities”.

Commenting on anti-Israel protests in the US campuses, Joseph Frager, former First Vice President National Council of Young Israel, Chairman of the Executive Board of American Friends of Ateret Cohanim, Executive Vice President Israel Heritage Foundation, Organizer of the Israel Day Concert in an article in Arutz Sheva said:

Pro-Hamas demonstrations have sprouted up like wildfire. After the slaughter of well over 1400 men women and children using the cruelest, most vicious and barbaric methods in the history of the human race, one might think that Pro-Hamas supporters might run for cover. Quite the opposite. They are more vocal, more violent and more emboldened than ever. The rise of Hamas in America is alarming.

When did society become so twisted? Although according to a Harvard (CAPS)/Harris poll performed by Harvard’s Center for American Political Studies, Harris and HarrisX the majority of Americans from both Republican and Democratic Parties overwhelmingly support Israel over Hamas. 84% of Americans support Israel and 88% say Israel has the right to respond militarily. The kicker is that among 18-24-year olds in the USA only 48% feel the same way. The 18-24-year-old group do a little better at 65% when asked if Israel has the right to protect its citizens by retaliating against Hamas. The generational divide is disturbing, and shocking. It also points to the brainwashing that has been going on campuses around the country.

Unless the USA’s 18-24-year-old voter bloc has a total transformation which is unlikely, America is headed towards very serious and blinding headwinds. How anyone on this earth can justify the beheading of babies, the murder and kidnapping of Holocaust survivors and the rape and sodomizing of women is beyond the pale. There is something seriously wrong and utterly despicable that this demographic of young people can hold such an opinion. It is beyond comprehension. It requires more than just an attitude adjustment. Unless America reverses course it does not forebode well for this Great Country.

As Holocaust survivor, Nobel Peace Prize laureate and my Jewish brother Dr Elie Wiesel used to say, “Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented”, I would like to call upon every conscious individual in the world to wake up and condemn these anti-Israel and pro-Hamas notoriety both inside US campuses and on the streets of US and other Western nations. At the same time, we need to understand, such protests are not the efforts of some groups of Jew and Israel haters. These are backed, encouraged, funded and patronized by anti-Israel forces such as Iran, which are spending lavishly in using these protests as tools of threat to Jews, Israelis and those who defend the Jewish State and love the Jewish populace.

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Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury
Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury
An internationally acclaimed multi-award-winning anti-militancy journalist, writer, research-scholar, counterterrorism specialist and editor of Blitz. He regularly writes for local and international newspapers on diversified topics, including international relations, politics, diplomacy, security and counterterrorism. Follow him on 'X' @Salah_Shoaib

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