Biden family scandals spread like bonfire


Recent revelations have shed new light on ongoing Biden family scandals, with claims that these issues are getting closer to President Joe Biden himself. House Oversight Committee chair James Comer previously asserted that the Biden family established over 20 shell companies for money laundering and payment concealment, which he likened to racketeering.

Comer revealed in July that the Biden family opened more than 20 shell companies to hide payments and launder money. “When you set up a bunch of shell companies for the sole purpose to launder money, that is called racketeering”, Comer said at the time.

“You don’t create 20 shell companies”, Comer told The Great America Show with Lou Dobbs. “You don’t have this array of transfers between shells that the banks quite quickly identified as money laundering. You don’t have an associate, someone that you were in business with to be part of the first wire transfer if you weren’t organized”.

The Biden family’s business wire transfers have raised suspicion, with six banks reporting over 170 “large” sums of money in Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) to the US Treasury for potential money laundering and fraud. Comer stated that this situation appears organized and even suggested that Hunter Biden’s involvement could be seen as racketeering.

“The evidence points to this being organized”, Comer said. “You could easily say Hunter Biden was involved in a RICO [racketeering] deal, but this is an investigation of Joe Biden. And it’s getting closer and closer to Joe every day”.

On Friday, Just the News and the New York Post reported they obtained a newly revealed memo which directly undercuts the narrative crafted by Democrats during Donald Trump’s first impeachment and sustained during the 2020 presidential election that then-Vice President Joe Biden had Ukraine’s top prosecutor fired over US and European concerns that he wasn’t fighting corruption aggressively enough.

At the time, Viktor Shokin was investigating the activities of energy company Burisma Holdings which was paying Hunter Biden, who had no experience in the energy industry, at least US$83,333 a month.

“Based on these commitments, the anti-corruption benchmark is deemed to have been achieved”, the European Commission, a key governing body of the EU Parliament, declared in a December 18, 201 report that gave a generally rosy assessment of Ukraine’s pace of reforms and specifically the efforts of Shokin’s Prosecutor General Office.

Moreover, the recently uncovered memo challenges the narrative put forward by Democrats during former President Donald Trump’s impeachment and the 2020 presidential election regarding Joe Biden’s role in Ukraine. The memo suggests that Joe Biden had Ukraine’s top prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, fired over US and European concerns about his commitment to fighting corruption.

Notably, this report makes no mention of firing Shokin or withholding Western aid, contradicting previous claims.

Additionally, House Republicans have called on the Department of Justice (DOJ) to share information on an alleged list of Hunter Biden’s prostitutes, potentially victims in need of federal support. Hunter Biden reportedly used funds wired by Joe Biden to pay a Russian escort in Massachusetts, and there are concerns that this may have violated the Mann Act’s prohibition on interstate prostitution.

On September 7, 2023, Just the News reported that it obtained documents from banking whistleblowers showing they first began raising alarms about Hunter Biden’s business deals as long ago as Spring 2015 while Joe Biden was still serving as vice president, flagging what they feared were “suspicious” transactions and “fraudulent” schemes.

“One of the bankers became so concerned he eventually escalated his concerns to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) only a few days before Donald Trump won the presidency in 2016,” the report said.

“Due diligence on involved parties reveals less than clean records”, a Morgan Stanley investment bank compliance presentation from May 2015 stated, specifically providing a dossier about Hunter Biden’s background, his expulsion from the Navy, his association with the Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings and photos of the future first son with Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

Just the News noted: “The presentation is one of the earliest known whistleblower activities to raise serious questions about Hunter Biden and his foreign business exploits. It triggered suspicious activity reports (SARS) filed by banks and a SEC complaint that would eventually lead to the 2016 indictment of several Hunter Biden business partners in a bond fraud scheme and later FBI and IRS investigations targeting Hunter Biden himself for tax evasion”.

Furthermore, documents obtained from banking whistleblowers reveal that concerns about Hunter Biden’s business deals were raised as early as Spring 2015. Morgan Stanley’s investment bank compliance presentation from May 2015 included a dossier on Hunter Biden’s background, his ties to Burisma Holdings, and his association with Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

These revelations come as special counsel David Weiss indicated that he expects to indict Hunter Biden this month on charges of lying about his drug use on a federal gun purchase form in Delaware. The ongoing Biden family scandals continue to generate significant scrutiny and raise questions about potential legal consequences.

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Sohail Choudhury
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