Joe Biden wants to ban ‘Trump’ from media


Joe Biden’s efforts to silence Donald Trump have taken an unusual turn, with reports suggesting a frantic attempt to even ban the word ‘Trump’ from media outlets and social media platforms. One example of this controversy centers around Lara Trump, who has become the focus of recent events.

Lara Trump, originally from Wilmington, NC, is known for her background as a former television producer. However, what sets her apart is her marriage to Eric Trump, the second son of former President Donald Trump, and her continued use of the Trump name.

Recently, Lara Trump covered Tom Petty’s iconic song, “I Won’t Back Down”, and the cover art for this song was featured on a Times Square billboard in New York City. However, there was something conspicuously missing: Lara Trump’s name and the song’s title.

According to emails obtained by Breitbart News, the billboard company responsible, TSX Entertainment, proposed a compromise by suggesting that they could include “Lara” but omit “Trump” from the billboard’s text, citing the word “Trump” as an “issue”.

Lara Trump responded by firmly stating, “Hell no, I’m not okay with just Lara. My name is Lara Trump, and I’m proud of that.” Consequently, the billboard went live with only the image, devoid of the song’s title or Lara Trump’s name.

Lara Trump expressed her frustration, noting that the same billboard company had previously hosted advertisements for Black Lives Matter, Planned Parenthood, and teachers’ unions, but chose to omit her name for being “too political” with a cover song.

Producer LJ Fino, from First Class Records, shared his concerns, stating, “This is a clear attempt to stifle and limit the expression of free speech, the bedrock of music. It’s crucial that entertainment corporations leave political bias out of their decision-making process”.

The Times Square billboard remained unchanged from Friday to Saturday, raising eyebrows about potential political bias.

Meanwhile, there have been reports of Amazon using different metrics for tracking the song’s sales compared to standard practices. Billboard Magazine representatives informed Lara Trump and Fino that Amazon was reporting sales with the UPC (standard barcode) rather than the ISRC, which is essential for Billboard Charting eligibility.

On the day of the song’s release, Apple Music faced allegations of suppressing the song’s visibility. The Daily Mail shared a screenshot indicating that Lara Trump’s rendition of the song did not appear in the “top results” for the song’s exact name.

Lara Trump’s recent song release has become embroiled in controversy amidst media reports of efforts to ban the word ‘Trump’ from media and social platforms. The situation has raised questions about potential political bias within entertainment corporations and the treatment of public figures in the media landscape.

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Tajul Islam
Tajul Islam
Tajul Islam is a Special Correspondent of Blitz.

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