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Bombay pepper and its health benefits

Naga pepper, Bombay pepper, Naga chili, Nai Mirris


Bombay pepper and its health benefits

Naga pepper, a species of pepper, is best known for its extremely spicy taste.

This pepper is a hybrid or mixed species of Bangladesh in Asia and the northeastern Indian state of Assam. It grows in Assam, Nagaland and Manipur of India and in the Sylhet region of Bangladesh. It also grows in rural Sri Lanka, where it is known as Nai Mirris: Cobra Chilli.

Bombay Chili or Naga Chili is one of the favorite foods for those who like to eat spicy food.

But did you know that it has several health benefits?

Helps prevent Cancer:  Bombay Pepper contains ample amounts of antioxidants, which act as a ‘gatekeeper’ in the body. Increases immunity naturally. At the same time Bombay pepper helps to slow down the aging process.

Helps to increase appetite: Bombay pepper works great to remove the bitterness in the mouth and increase the taste in the mouth. Many people do not taste food after a fever, it will work as a perfect tonic for them.

Helps to increase immunity: Bombay Chili is rich in Vitamin-C. You will notice that eating Bombay chili often opens the closed nose. This Vitamin-C in Bombay Pepper works great in boosting immunity.

Great for the skin: Bombay Chili contains a lot of Vitamin-E in addition to Vitamin-C. The skin is much healthier as it helps to produce natural oils.

Zero Calories: The funny thing is, Bombay Pepper has no calories. In other words, Bombay Pepper is a food item with zero calories. The great fact is that after eating Bombay pepper, the body’s metabolism increases by about 50 percent! So if you are on a diet, try adding more Bombay pepper to your daily diet.

Helps to control blood sugar levels: For those who suffer from diabetes, Bombay Pepper is one of the essential nutrients. Bombay pepper works to control blood sugar levels. But don’t think that Bombay pepper will work immediately after eating extra sweet and sugary foods!

Helps in digestion: Bombay chillies are rich in fiber. In case of constipation, it is possible to get good results by playing Bombay Pepper. Also, it is necessary to develop the habit of eating green chillies regularly as it helps in digestion of food in normal times.

Eating Bombay chili means good mood: Eating salty foods, especially Bombay chili, releases endorphins from the brain, which helps keep the mood good and strong. As a result, after eating Bombay Chili, you will feel very lively and happy. Scientifically proven.

Works to treat skin infections: Bombay Pepper is rich in antioxidants, which helps prevent skin infections in any part of the body.

Iron-rich Bombay Pepper: For those who are deficient in iron, it is important to add more Bombay pepper to their daily diet. Because Bombay Chili contains a sufficient amount of iron as a natural food ingredient.

Great for eyes: In addition to Vitamin-C, Bombay Pepper is rich in beta-carotene. Which is very necessary for healthy eyes.

From now on, add Bombay Chili Pickle to your daily diet not only to enhance the taste but also to keep yourself healthy. But yes eating Bombay or Naga pepper is healthy but it must be in moderation. Eating or tolerating spicy food is a relative matter, many people can eat spicy food or eat too much and some people can’t eat spicy food at all. However, those who have problems with acidity should eat less spicy and spicy foods. Eating too much Bombay pepper can increase the risk of acidity and stomach pain. So even if the smell is quite good, it is better to eat this pepper in moderation.

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Raisa Mehzabeen

Raisa Mehzabeen is a contributor to Blitz and a undergraduate student at the Department of Food and Nutrition, College of Applied Human Science in Bangladesh

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