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Dark chocolates are healthier than other chocolates available in the market

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Dark chocolates are healthier than other chocolates available in the market

Dark chocolates are a type of chocolate made from cocoa solids and cocoa butter without milk and butter. This chocolate is healthier than other chocolates available in the market.

Well, think about it, is there anything that no one can do without greed? Or what is the most effective medicine to break someone’s anger? What is the name of a gift to make everyone’s mind happy? Understand something- what could be the thing? Hmmm, let’s just say I’ve seen better than chocolate or dark chocolate.

Chocolate has been working with 100% success as a special weapon for mothers against the excuses of “Mom doesn’t want to read today” or “Sleeping”. Talking about chocolate to children who don’t want to study like that is like working magic.

But you know what? This chocolate is not only delicious food, it also has several health benefits. Especially in good quality dark chocolates.

Dark Chocolate Introduction:

Dark chocolate is a type of chocolate made from cocoa solids and cocoa butter without milk and butter. This chocolate is healthier than other chocolates available in the market. Where other chocolates on the market add a lot of sugar and milk, these dark chocolates are prepared without milk. In addition, good quality dark chocolate contains a lot of nutrients. It contains beneficial fiber and minerals for the body. It contains 70-75% cocoa solids.

Let’s find out now,

What are the nutrients in 1 ounce or 26 grams of dark chocolate?

Calories – 180 kcal

Fat – 12 grams

Protein – 2.2 grams

Fiber – 3.1 grams

Carbohydrates – 13 grams

Sugar – 6.8 grams

Sodium – 5.6 mg

Calcium – 21 mg

Cholesterol – 0.9 mg

Iron – 3.4 mg

Potassium – 203.1 mg

Magnesium – 74.8 mg

Zinc – 0.9 mg

The benefits of dark chocolate

This dark chocolate is not limited to nutrients. There are several benefits to taking it in our body. Let’s take a look at some of the amazing benefits of this dark chocolate:

Reduces blood pressure

Reducing high blood pressure is one of the special properties of dark chocolate. The phytonutrients called flavonoids in dark chocolate cause a kind of tension in the veins. This results in the formation of nitric oxide in the veins and their muscles become flexible. As a result, blood circulation is faster and high blood pressure is reduced.

Reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke

Dark chocolate is a food that is beneficial to health. You know what ?? People who regularly eat dark chocolate have a lower risk of heart disease and stroke.

A study published in the Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that eating dark chocolate five times a week reduced the risk of heart disease by 56 percent. Dark chocolate contains a variety of compounds that prevent low-density lipoprotein (LDL) from entering the bloodstream and prevent cholesterol from accumulating in the veins. This reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Beneficial for diabetes and regulates blood sugar levels

Dark chocolate also has benefits in controlling blood sugar and diabetes. Cocoa-rich dark chocolate affects the body’s glucose control. It has an effect on normalizing insulin production in the body which works to control diabetic diseases. Then diabetic patients can eat dark chocolate if they want. But yes, you must eat good quality dark chocolate.

Dark chocolate is good for the skin

Studies have shown that dark chocolate contains many elements including magnesium, iron and copper. All these elements make a type of protein called collagen in our body. This collagen keeps our body skin soft and healthy.

Dark chocolate contains calcium and this calcium prevents skin erosion and helps to create new skin. In addition, dark chocolate contains anti-oxidants that protect the skin from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Helps to prevent various diseases including cancer

Dark chocolate destroys the pathogens in our body and protects our body from various diseases including cancer. And all these free radicals that cause diseases in the body are the cause of diseases like cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s etc.

Reduces harmful cholesterol and increases beneficial cholesterol

Research published in the Journal of the American Heart Association has shown that natural cocoa, not mixed with dark chocolate, almonds and unadulterated sweeteners, lowers our body’s harmful cholesterol. Dark chocolate is made with cocoa and a food ingredient called cocoa butter present in cocoa increases the amount of beneficial cholesterol in our body.

Full of anti-oxidants

Dark chocolate is a food full of anti-oxidants. It contains polyphenols, flavonols and some organic ingredients (anti-oxidants) that prevent cell damage. One study found that dark chocolate has more anti-oxidant properties than any other fruit.

Increased blood flow and memory in the brain

Flavonol is a substance that increases blood flow to the brain. And this flavonol is in cocoa seeds. A study by Nature Neuroscience found that healthy people between the ages of 50 and 59 who drank cocoa with high levels of flavonols for three consecutive months had improved memory.

This ingredient is very effective in the development of children’s brains, so if you want to give chocolate to children, make them accustomed to dark chocolate without any other chocolate.

Helps to lose weight

A little surprising but true is that dark chocolate helps in weight loss. According to experts, eating chocolate 20 minutes before meals releases a type of hormone in the brain that subsequently reduces the amount of food eaten.

Dark chocolate is beneficial for pregnant mother and baby

Dark chocolate helps reduce stress in pregnant women.

One study found that babies of mothers who ate dark chocolate smiled more often than children of mothers who did not eat dark chocolate.

Dark chocolate to get rid of depression and peace of mind

Tryptophan in dark chocolate is effective in preventing depression. It increases the secretion of dopamine in the brain and creates a feeling of happiness in the body.

In addition, dark chocolate contains a substance called phenyl ethyllamine, which researchers have named ‘Love Chemical’.


Do you understand that eating chocolate only bites your teeth?

Surely you understand that chocolate also has beneficial properties. Again, many people do not understand that there is no chocolate to eat and ha frustrated and said, “I ate chocolate and I did not have any benefit.” If so, it will not work.

You need to choose the right chocolate for your body.

So let’s not know,

Ways to recognize good quality dark chocolate:

When dark chocolate is processed, its quality is greatly reduced.

In addition, cocoa butter, sugar and fat-rich chocolate is not good for the body.

So it is better to buy less sweet national chocolate.

The highest levels of cocoa-rich chocolate are relatively good. If possible, it should be seen whether it is organic or not.

If the label on the chocolate says ‘Processed with Alkali’, it should be avoided.

The chocolate made in this way breaks down the natural flavonol antioxidant in cocoa. So buy cocoa butter-free chocolate.

It is true that dark chocolate has health benefits. But that’s not to say that it can be eaten as it pleases. It is not right to eat too much or too much.

So we will eat dark chocolate thinking about the health benefits but it will be like quantity.

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Raisa Mehzabeen is a contributor to Blitz and a undergraduate student at the Department of Food and Nutrition, College of Applied Human Science in Bangladesh

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