Doctor advises to eat less salt to increase life expectancy

Residents of Russia were advised to consume less salt in order to increase life expectancy. This recommendation on Monday, March 13, was given by Oksana Drapkina, chief freelance specialist of the Russian Ministry of Health for therapy and general medical practice.

On average, a resident of Russia eats twice the amount of salt per day. The specialist explained that life expectancy directly depends on the amount of salt consumed. For example, this product increases the risk of death among men by 41%, and the habit of adding salt to food increases this probability to 50%.

The therapist suggested solving this problem by introducing mandatory product labeling, which would indicate the amount of salt in the composition.

As the doctor notes, over the past 10 years, Russians have been consuming an average of 11 grams of this seasoning per day, this amount is twice the safe level (5 grams). According to a study by the National Research Center for Therapy and Preventive Medicine of the Ministry of Health of Russia, 49.3% of the country’s inhabitants have too much salt in their diet, while men (53%) abuse the product more often.

44% of the population of the country have the habit of adding salt to ready-made meals, and among men every second does it. Such addiction leads to excessive consumption of this product.

The specialist notes that in the diet of a modern person there are many processed foods with a high salt content, for example, these are meat and sausage products, pickles, savory snacks, sauces, fast food.

“High salt consumption by Russians is not only a medical problem, it is a matter of unity of efforts and interaction at all levels,” Drapkina conveys the words ‘RIA Novosti’.

As a solution to the problem, the doctor suggested changing the labeling of food products in such a way that the amount of salt must be indicated on the packaging. According to the expert, this is currently the only way to control the amount of salt consumed. The doctor also advised me to cook on my own, without using catering services.

Earlier, on March 1, it was reported that cardiologists advise hypertensive patients to limit salt intake to reduce pressure. Such patients should also reduce weight and use the necessary medications.

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