Doctor reveals the causes of otitis media

There are several reasons why a person can get otitis media, Anton Rizaev, an otorhinolaryngologist at SM-Clinic, said on March 16 during a conversation with Gazeta RU.

As the doctor noted, when using cotton swabs, the external auditory canal can be damaged, and this, in turn, can provoke the reproduction of infection and the occurrence of otitis media. Another reason may be the ingress of foreign microflora when using someone else’s headphones or headset.

“The most common reason that stimulates the multiplication of microbes with the subsequent development of the inflammatory process is the long-term presence of water in the external auditory canal,” the doctor explained.

Rizaev also recalled the importance of removing water from the ears immediately after it gets there, since both fresh and salt water can pose a threat.

“Another important negative factor is local hypothermia. Most often this happens when the ear is exposed to a draft for a long time. For example, when driving for a long time with an open window and sleeping under the air conditioner, ”the specialist concluded.

Earlier, on February 16, Marina Paukova, candidate of medical sciences, audiologist, otorhinolaryngologist at GUTA CLINIC, stated that the use of in-ear headphones can lead to the formation of cerumen in the ears and severe inflammation. According to the expert, a sulfur plug can form in a person at any time. The natural causes of its appearance is a violation of the function of the secret apparatus or epithelium.

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