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Highly contagious measles virus of Afro-Asian origin enters the West


Highly contagious measles virus of Afro-Asian origin enters the West

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One person has been diagnosed with a contagious measles virus in the Swedish county of Skåne, news outlet Fria Tider reports.

The case was discovered in Malmö, a city in which the majority of people have a migration background. A person asked for care at a health centre in Malmö a few weeks ago as the first measles case was diagnosed.

After tracking the person’s contact network, another case was found connected to a bathhouse in Trelleborg, that the patient visited. But according to news outlet Sydsvenskan, that was a false alarm.

“The measles virus is one of the most contagious we have. There is a potential for proliferation. Although the vast majority of infections occur mildly there is some risk of complications and lasting but in the worst case,” health care physician Marianne Alanko Blomé says.

Measles are very rare in Sweden and occur mainly in developing countries in Africa and Asia. An adult person who is infected with the virus can die in the worst scenario.

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