Italy has already developed coronavirus vaccine

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Dozens of pharmaceutical companies and research centers around the world are working day and night to finally come up with a coronavirus vaccine. Business strategists with the pharmaceutical companies are seeing this invention cashing hundreds of millions of dollars just within the span of 3-4 weeks, as the global population will jump for grabbing a shot of the vaccine.

Meanwhile, a day after Israel claimed that it has achieved a ‘significant breakthrough’ in developing an antibody to the coronavirus and has applied for a patent, Italy has also said that it has developed a vaccine for the virus that works on humans.

According to reports, the tests are being carried out at Rome’s infectious-disease Spallanzani Hospital and the researchers have successfully managed to generate antibodies in mice that work on human cells.

Another Italian company ReiThera has said its coronavirus vaccine had shown a “strong immune response” in animals. “The antibodies are able to prevent the infection and the T cells eliminate the virus that has already entered the organism”.

Italy has been one of the most affected countries of the coronavirus. With 29,315 deaths, Italy’s total number of cases has reached 2,13,013, according to data from the Johns Hopkins University.

On Tuesday, Israel’s Defence Minister Naftali Bennett informed that country’s Institute for Biological Research (IIBR) has made a “significant breakthrough” in developing an antibody to the novel coronavirus.

Scientists at the country’s main biological research institute have wrapped up the development phase and moved to patent and mass-produce the potential treatment, reports said.

Bennett on Monday visited IIBR that has been mandated to develop a vaccine for coronavirus. He was shown the “antibody that attacks the virus in a monoclonal way and can neutralize it within the bodies of those ill”, a statement from the defence minister’s office said.

Coronavirus vaccine in the market by June

Some medical experts say, whether it would be Israel’s Institute for Biological Research or the Italian companies, a vaccine for the coronavirus will definitely come to the market by June this year.

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