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Johnson & Johnson officials say, kids shouldn’t get COVID vaccine

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Johnson & Johnson officials say, kids shouldn’t get COVID vaccine

Because of potential long-term side effects, children should not receive the Covid-19 vaccination, two officials from Johnson & Johnson told Project Veritas.

“Kids shouldn’t get a f*cking [Covid] vaccine,” Brandon Schadt, Johnson & Johnson Regional Business Lead, said in a new video released by Project Veritas on Monday. “It’s a kid, you just don’t do that, you know? Not something that’s so unknown in terms of repercussions down the road, you know?”

J&J scientist Justin Durrant added that, “It wouldn’t make that much of a difference” if children remain unvaccinated for Covid.

Meanwhile, as reports of adverse effects to the vaccines pour in, unreported by the Corporate Media, White House Covid czar Anthony Fauci is moving full steam ahead on vaccinating kids.

Fauci said Tuesday that he hopes to see coronavirus vaccines administered to children ages 5 and 11 starting next month.

Fauci’s comments came after Pfizer and BioNTech SE announced Tuesday that they have submitted data from their Phase 2/3 trial to the Food and Drug Administration for emergency use authorization in kids ages 5 to 11.

“The FDA, you never want to get ahead of their judgment, but I would imagine in the next few weeks they will examine that data and hopefully they’ll give the okay so that we can start vaccinating children hopefully before the end of October,” Fauci said.

A Convention of States Action poll conducted by the Trafalgar Group found that 48.6 percent of U.S. voters surveyed were “not confident that the Covid-19 vaccines are necessary and appropriate for children ages 5-12,” while 42.2 percent said they were confident and 9.3 percent were unsure.

Of those who were “not confident,” 38.4 percent said they were “not confident at all.”

Convention President Mark Meckler said that the poll indicates that efforts to mandate vaccines for children 12 and under “are not going to fly with the public.”

“In poll after poll, we see that the American people are fundamentally skeptical about so-called science coming out of Washington, D.C.,” Meckler said in a statement. “They see the conflicting information and almost daily shifts in policy, and don’t want their children to be the guinea pigs for a group of bureaucrats who have mismanaged and bungled this crisis from the start.”

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