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Natural nutrients for pain relief

Turmeric, Cherry, Red grapes, Pain


Natural nutrients for pain relief

Pain – as if intertwined with our lives. In order to get rid of the pain, we regularly take pain killing tablets, which provide temporary relief, but leave a lasting effect on the body for a lifetime, the consequences of which are sometimes frightening. But there are many foods that are known in our daily life, which are naturally rich in various painkillers and free from terrible side effects like pain killing tablets.

Today we will learn about some of these foods


Turmeric is at the top of the list of painkillers. This spice has a yellow color due to an ingredient called curcumin in it. And it has a lot of anti-inflammatory ingredients that in many cases act like antibiotics. So turmeric is quite beneficial in relieving pain in different joints of muscles and body.


We do not know the red cherry! This fruit is beautiful but very effective in relieving pain. Cherries contain high levels of anthocyanins and flavonoids, which are responsible for their anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects.

Red Grapes

These grapes are reddish in color due to the presence of an antioxidant called resveratrol. And this ingredient is helpful in relieving various pains including back pain.


Pineapple is rich in bromelain, which increases blood circulation as well as reduces muscle tension and inflammation. Inflammatory diseases in particular help reduce the pain of arthritis.

Sour yogurt

Despite its notoriety for its pungent odor, this sourdough yogurt is rich in many qualities. Yogurt is very useful to reduce flatulence, heartburn and pain. Yogurt helps in digestion and reduces stomach pain or inflammation. Eating a bowl of yogurt every day is beneficial for health.


Coffee contains an ingredient called caffeine. It reduces the incidence of pain. Caffeine also works well to reduce headaches. However, you should not drink too much coffee. Excessive caffeine in the body can cause other problems. So you should not eat more than one cup of coffee a day.

Mint leaves

Chewing mint leaves can refresh our breath. Menthol in it helps to prevent muscle spasms. Peppermint leaf oil works against annoying intestinal problems. This oil is also effective for relieving headaches.


Cloves contain a powerful natural anesthetic eugenol that acts as a natural remedy for toothache and gum pain.

Salmon, herring, sardines

Eating fish rich in high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids can relieve back pain.


Chili peppers contain an ingredient called capsaicin which is found in various types of painkillers. This ingredient relaxes the nerves and helps reduce pain. Eating chili with food every day is beneficial for health.


Oats is now a well-known food, though previously unfamiliar. Regular consumption of oats reduces lower abdominal pain. Because it contains a lot of magnesium. This ingredient helps reduce pain

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has some natural antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps in reducing pain.

Olive Oil

Oleocanthal, a compound of olive oil, with steroidal anti-inflammatory, Works against pain.

Green Tea, Black Tea and White Tea

The polyphenols in green tea, black tea and white tea have anti-inflammatory properties, which are effective in treating arthritis pain.

Peanut butter

Peanut butter contains resveratrol, which reduces inflammation and can reduce joint pain in arthritis by protecting cartilage.


A recent study found that soy contains ‘isoflavones’ which are known for their anti-inflammatory properties and that help relieve arthritis pain and work against the symptoms of osteoarthritis.

There is no end to the pain. But if this suffering can be overcome with food, then why run after heavy medicine? Relieve pain naturally, stay healthy.

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Raisa Mehzabeen

Raisa Mehzabeen is a contributor to Blitz and a undergraduate student at the Department of Food and Nutrition, College of Applied Human Science in Bangladesh

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