Nutritionist warns against buying ready-made “homemade” food in stores

Endocrinologist, nutritionist, nutritionist, certified health coach (Health Coach, Institute for Integrative Nutrition, NYC) Anastasia Tarasko said that “homemade” food sold in stores can be dangerous due to poor quality raw materials and inconsistencies the composition of the indicated calorie content and the amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates (BJU).

In conversation with “Gazeta.Ru” on Friday, March 10, the specialist clarified that in most cases, store-bought “homemade” food is not harmful, but it becomes dangerous if the manufacturer violates the rules for preparing or storing dishes. Under such conditions, dishes or products often become the cause of food poisoning.

According to Tarasco, another problem with ready-made food is that the buyer often does not get what the manufacturer claims. First of all, it concerns the quality and taste properties.

For example, a manufacturer may use greenhouse tomatoes instead of sun-grown tomatoes, or produce margarine instead of butter.

In addition, sellers can save on the quality of products by adding various flavor enhancers, additives or dyes to them, which give the dish a more attractive look. Meanwhile, the dish does not contain useful substances and benefits.

She noted that the calorie content of the dish and the BJU in its composition are also often incorrectly indicated in such products, which is bad for people who monitor weight.

Earlier, on March 10, Elena Tikhomirova, a general practitioner, nutritionist at SM-Clinic, told about the dangers of packaged juices. According to the expert, 100 g of juice contains from 10 to 15 g of sugar. If a person drinks 300-500 g at a time, then he consumes the daily amount of sugar, writes RT. She added that such juices contain only carbohydrates, and there is no vitamin C.

On the same day, gastroenterologist Ekaterina Yesakova warned about the dangers of red meat. According to her, the frequent consumption of beef, pork and lamb can increase cholesterol and blood pressure.

Also on March 10, a nutritionist, therapist Alexandra Razarenova listed products that help burn fat and lose weight. Hot peppers contain capsaicin, while black peppers contain piperine. Citrus peel contains synephrine. In addition, natural thermogenics (substances that speed up metabolism) include caffeine and epigallocatechin. Their combination is found in green tea.

On March 9, Candidate of Medical Sciences, member of the National Association of Dietitians and Nutritionists Daria Rusakova told Moscow 24 that hypertensive patients should not drink salty mineral water, as it can retain fluid and raise blood pressure. In addition, various brines are not recommended for hypertensive patients, the channel clarifies. Green tea and coffee can also cause high blood pressure in some people.

Last May, Doctor of Medicine, Director of the Samara Research Institute of Dietology and Diet Therapy Mikhail Ginzburg said that crab sticks accelerate the aging of the body and increase the likelihood of developing various diseases – cardiovascular pathologies, oncology. This product, along with sausages, belongs to the group of deeply processed products that contain a large number of chemical additives.

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