Russia has created a test analyzer for the rapid detection of viruses

A universal analyzer capable of recognizing viruses and infections was developed by scientists from ITMO University (St. Petersburg) together with the A.A. Smorodintsev.

To do the analysis, you need to take a swab from the nasopharynx or a saliva sample. In a few minutes, the spectrometer collects data that is processed by a computer. At the output, the device indicates whether there is a virus in the sample. The program is also able to determine the type of virus. So far, the analyzer has successfully recognized adenovirus, coronavirus, and several influenza pathogens (A and B).

According to Vladimir Vitkin, project manager and lead researcher at ITMO Laboratory for Optoelectronic Support of Cyber-Physical Systems, the new technology will help control the spread of new virus outbreaks. He believes that such a device can be installed in crowded places, the portal writes. mirnov.

Compared to the existing test system, the novelty gives faster and more accurate results. Artificial intelligence (AI) is largely responsible for this, which analyzes the biomaterial and gives the result.

On February 9, Yulia Fokina, a general practitioner, said that due to the delayed effect of previous anti-coronavirus measures, Russians are at risk of contracting three infections at once and getting a more severe course of the disease.

We are talking about a tridemia: at the same time a pandemic of a coronavirus infection, influenza and a third infection – more often a respiratory syncytial infection, but also other causative agents of SARS.

On February 8, infectious disease specialist Andrey Pozdnyakov spoke about a dangerous form of SARS threatening hypoxia – respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), which causes a serious illness mainly in children. An outbreak of infection was recorded in the United States, but in Russia this option is also not excluded.

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