Russian scientists have developed a drug for the treatment of cancer based on hogweed

Scientists from the Mordovian State University named after M.V. Lomonosov developed a medical preparation based on Sosnovsky’s cow parsnip for the treatment of cancer. This was reported in the press service of the university.

In the course of research, furanocoumarins were isolated from this plant, which react to ultraviolet radiation.

‚ÄúFuranocoumarins are biologically active compounds that can cause an increase in sensitivity to sunlight, Sosnowski’s cow parsnip, under the influence of ultraviolet light, irreversibly binds to the DNA of tumor cells. As a result, they lose the ability to divide and, as a result, die by self-destruction, the article says.

The drug is completely safe and has no side effects. It is focused on the treatment of cancer of the skin, intestines, bladder, melanoma.

On March 12, it was reported that scientists from Israel have developed the world’s first mRNA vaccine that is 100% effective against deadly bacteria.

After success in the treatment of COVID-19, mRNA technology began to be actively used against various viruses. In addition to high efficiency, the drug is able to adapt to a new pathogen in a short time.

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