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Secretive IDF biological research lab says it has developed COVID-19 antidote


Secretive IDF biological research lab says it has developed COVID-19 antidote

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While everyone is waiting on a coronavirus vaccine (which will do little to help those already sick with the disease), Israeli military researchers say they have developed an antibody that will neutralize COVID-19 in an existing patient’s body.

The breakthrough was announced on Monday, when Defense Minister Naftali Bennett visited the Israel Institute for Biological Research (IIBR), a government defense research facility specializing in biology, medicinal chemistry and environmental science whose work is a closely guarded secret.

The Israeli antidote to COVID-19 aggressively attacks and kills the virus, and now that its development phase is completed, the IIBR will soon approach international companies capable of producing it in commercial quantities.

Bennett said during his visit that he is “proud of the Biological Institute’s scientists who have made a huge breakthrough. The creativity and Jewish mind have brought about this amazing achievement. The entire Israeli defense establishment will continue to operate on the frontlines of the battle against the Coronavirus.”

In Israel the numbers of new infections and of patients on ventilators have been dropping significantly over the past week, leading the government to lift many of the restrictions placed on the public. But many other countries have yet to reach the peak of their coronavirus outbreaks. It is hoped that the Israeli antidote, if it can be approved and produced quickly enough, can play a major role in reducing the number of deaths in those countries.

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