With COVID and variants, western elites are crying wolf

For the past two years, the entire world is left at the mercy or western elites and pharma mafias, where one segment of people is making tons of cash either by selling COVID vaccines or other medical appliances and the larger segment are gradually pushed towards numerous forms of adversities, including economic challenges. Following his disastrous retreat from Afghanistan, Joe Biden really did not look worried. He and his entire team are also not showing any slightest signs of worries centering people’s ongoing suffering due to the pandemic fear. I don’t say, big guys in the US Capitol are making secret cash from the pharma mafias in exchange for running the scare-mongering show. But it seems to me, some of those western elites really aren’t willing to see the world get rid of this nuisance.

Presently, with the omicron strain of COVID-19, the virus is dying down as a world historical emergency. But you would never know that, given the shrill protestations of most Western governments, which have gotten used to people bowing to their will over these past two years as a result of their endless calls of the imminence of the coming apocalypse. Even as the whole of the Western elite has proven itself not fit for purpose, given their countless policy errors in dealing with COVID-19, they have all succeeded in accruing ever more power, under the guise of emergency measures, forming an expert-led technocracy that will not readily relinquish its newfound centrality. The virus may be coming to an end, but the politics it unleashed are just beginning to be played out.

In Aesop’s fable of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf,” a bored young shepherd repeatedly tricks the nearby villagers into thinking a wolf is attacking the town’s common flock of sheep. However, when a wolf does actually appear and the boy again, this time in genuine terror, calls for help, the villagers — severely doubting his credibility and believing it is merely another false alarm — do nothing. The sheep and the boy are both eaten. Aesop’s moral at the end of the story is simple and damning: “This shows how liars are rewarded”. I bet, people know by now the faces of liars who have been tirelessly crying wolf.

Incredibly, it has taken two full years for the Western elite to realize that the COVID-19 pandemic must be treated holistically in policy terms, with its economic, social and educational consequences being every bit as relevant as the many healthcare issues it raises. While the death toll has been horrendous and the hospitalization rates harrowing, the elite’s shrill calls that the present pandemic is somehow unique — calling for a suspension of reason as well as a suspension of basic liberties — is no truer than the young shepherd’s call that the wolf is at the door.

In the 20th century alone, the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918-1920, the Asian flu of 1957-58 and the Hong Kong flu of 1968-69 all erupted on a global scale, with the first, in terms of deaths, amounting to by far the worst pandemic in modern history. Far from being unique, pandemics, even in our modern age, tend to occur once a generation. They should not be cause for hysteria, leaving our brains at the door or the suspension of basic liberties.

Likewise, the Western elite’s continued doom-mongering is highly suspect. Omicron, in line with Darwin’s theory of evolution, has, in an effort to survive, morphed into a far more transmissible and milder variant. As a result, as many experts have predicted, there will be a record number of infections, followed by a substantial drop in both hospitalizations and deaths — very good news indeed. But Joe Biden, his administration and those agents of pharma mafias won’t let people start feeling relieved. Instead, they are now using COVID as a political weapon with the nefarious agenda of cowing-down everyone – especially the American voters. They want to hide their failures beneath the garb of COVID phobia. The only remedy now is in the hands of American voters to vote out this devilish regime from power – initially from the Congress and Senate this November. People need to wake up.

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