Educating expatriates in Qatar of our Islamic traditions

We do not deny the need of citizens and residents to hire domestic workers and drivers to help  and support them in performing the duties of life, and since the people of Qatar are famous for their generosity and kindness, and they only treat them kindly, and the result is a low level of crime among our domestic workers in society compared to other countries, and there are also hundreds of expatriates Those who come to our beloved country more than 100 nationalities from different countries of the world flock for education, work and investment, and they are welcome among us if they commit to participate in development with us, but what they always lack is education and introducing them to the customs and traditions of our authentic Qatari Arab Muslim society.

Just a proposal for the initiative of producing documentaries and guidebooks in various languages ​​of the world and distributing them to our embassies abroad and on board Qatari planes coming to Doha and through the airport and to be sponsored and supervised by the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, Qatar Tourism and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to introduce our ancient Islamic customs and traditions and some terms for dealing in Arabic as well as Penal laws and criminal procedures, in addition to introducing them to public transportation services and the use of buses that connect cities to the capital and various workplaces.

On the other hand, is it reasonable for some incoming or resident tourists to believe that their women can display finery, noisy unveiling, not wear modest clothing, and hang out in the markets?

Ahmed Ali Al-Hammadi

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