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Muslim patriarchy in Britain

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Muslim patriarchy in Britain

The only patriarchy the UK has to worry about is the Islamic one. It feels repetitive to continue talking about it, since most of the Muslim rapists are still walking the streets still grooming, raping, and terrorizing their old victims together with new ones, but the institutional rape of non-Muslim girls didn’t resonate with today’s feminists. Writes Joshua Winston

The only patriarchy the UK has to worry about is the Islamic one. It feels repetitive to continue talking about it, since most of the Muslim rapists are still walking the streets still grooming, raping, and terrorizing their old victims together with new ones, but the institutional rape of non-Muslim girls didn’t resonate with today’s feminists. We can speculate as to why that might be – these women tend to be educated and middle-class, and therefore they will never experience the life of a neglected 12-year-old from a broken home who is being drugged, beaten, raped and trafficked by Muslim men in the very towns these feminists also live in, and next to the hipster venues they frequent. They’ll never know either quite what it’s like to be a Muslim teenage girl on the verge of womanhood, living in the UK and excited about all of the prospects and freedoms that lie before her, only to be restrained by the confines of religious and cultural practices that are not compatible with the UK’s. These women can’t quite put themselves in those girls’ shoes, although these women ask us to put ourselves in their shoes as they demand not to be shamed for being sex-workers, or for aborting multiple babies and then making gleeful TikTok videos about the killings.

The murder of Sarah Everard brought the feminists to the streets because the culprit was a white non-Muslim male. The same feminists stayed indoors, or continued sipping cocktails at their trendy bars and verbally bashing the white patriarchy when new arrival Muhammed Mahfooz raped and battered and used a woman “like an animal” for over an hour (the same time it might take for a feminist to finish off a cosmopolitan or a crafted beer). They continued doing whatever it was they were doing when Banaz Mahmod was honor-killed by her family. Their silence continued when Laura Wilson was killed by her Muslim boyfriend for the shame that being in a relationship with a non-Muslim girl would bring to his family. The reader is urged to do a simple Internet search on “Muhammad rapes” or “UK honor killings,” and scroll through all the articles. There are too many for me to list in order to further establish my point here.

Feminists in the UK claim not to be able to walk the streets at night for fear of being raped. Even the actress Kiera Knightley has come out to say that every woman has experienced harassment in the streets, claiming that the harassment comes in the form of being flashed, groped, or in the form of threats to slit a woman’s throat. She’s a multi-millionaire and she doesn’t live in Rotherham. The streets of her wealthy suburb must surely be going to the dogs if this is her “lived experience.”

There are countless women, most of them Muslim, who are trapped in arranged marriages in the UK today, in fear of their lives, with no chance of escape, living under threats of violence. Forget about not being able to walk the streets at night, which these women can’t do, at least not without a male chaperone. These women live in fear as they walk the floorboards of their bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens in their own homes. Again, feminists are silent on the issue. Think of these women in marriages where rape isn’t a notion, where the woman has no right to say no to a man’s demands for sex. Forced into first-cousin marriages with no say in the matter, and this means nothing to UK feminists. The offspring from these marriages in which, through successive generations, first cousins have been breeding with each other and producing children with gene disorders, doesn’t tug on the heartstrings of feminists, either. Some of these offspring will be female. Do the lives of these girls not matter to feminists?

55% of Pakistani-heritage women in the UK are in forced, first-cousin marriages and are made to produce offspring that are all too often disabled, stillborn, or who will die in early infancy. The mutations these babies are born with will only get worse with each successive first cousin coupling. The gene-pool tightens with every sharia blessing. This marriage slavery should be of concern to British feminists. Why are they not outside the mosques and sharia courts like their German counterparts?

Is it fear that lies behind the silence? UK feminists are terrified of Muslim men. They are terrified of Islam. They know full well that if they were to turn up at a mosque or any Islamic building, they’d be chased off with violence. They wouldn’t be allowed to go near the gates, they’d have to disguise themselves like gay Muslim Ronnie (not his real name) did when he tried to hand out flyers at London Central Mosque. Ronnie said: “‘I am really scared.” Ronnie fled Pakistan because he wasn’t safe there. He’s not safe in London, either. He spends his days hiding and living in fear that someone in the mosque will recognize him from Pakistan. If feminists did protest at a mosque and if they weren’t immediately met with violence, they would live with the psychological fear of retribution in much the same way that battered wives and gay Ronnie do. Physical violence doesn’t come without psychological violence. UK feminists are living in an abusive relationship with Islam on our shores. Islam is the husband they can’t speak up against, and whom they can’t divorce, leave, confront or disobey.

The murder of Sarah Everard was brutal, but it was no less brutal than the murders of Saeeda Hussain or Sana Muhammad or Mayra Zulfiquar or countless other women in the UK. I guarantee you that not one feminist today could “say their names,” as they instruct us to do in relation to Sarah, in connection with Saeeda or Sana or Mayra. Feminists aren’t out protesting about these women’s deaths, because it was Muslim men who killed them. Muslim women in the UK are being killed for not marrying the man of their father’s choosing, while liberal feminists are screaming into a void about the most trivial issues, such as right to post footage of them having multiple abortions as a TikTok craze, and to prostitute their way through university.

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