Notre Dame Cathedral to welcome visitors again at the end of 2024

The opening of Notre Dame Cathedral for visits and worship may take place in December 2024. This is the result of the reconstruction of the building, which is proceeding at a rapid pace, which was announced on Monday, March 6, by General Jean-Louis Georgelin, who is responsible for the restoration project of the cathedral.

The installation of the famous spire will begin in 2023, said Associated Press general Jean-Louis Georgelin, responsible for the restoration project of the cathedral, on Monday, March 6.

“The return of the spire to the sky of Paris, in my opinion, will be a symbol that we are winning the battle for Notre Dame,” he shared.

He also added that about a thousand people are engaged in the restoration of the temple every day, but it will not be possible to complete it by the time of the Summer Olympic Games.

At the same time, the Minister of Culture of Rome, Abdul-Malak, told the publication that the opening of the cathedral for tourists does not mean that all repairs will be completed by this time – some of them will be carried out in 2025.

In January, French President Macron praised “the French century-old know-how”, the teamwork of the teams and the remarkable work of the companies and artisans involved in the restoration of the cathedral. He stressed that the opening of the Paris church for visits and worship in 2024 remains an urgent goal.

The tragic fire in Notre Dame Cathedral occurred on the night of April 15, 2019. As the investigation established, the fire started in the area of ​​​​the spire, where restoration work was then carried out. The exact cause of the fire was not made public. As a result of the fire, the church lost its 12th-century roof, spire and clock. It was possible to save the frame of the building and part of the walls. A part of the vault was also damaged, which before the fire was closed with metal scaffolding by restorers. Most of the famous chimeras of the temple did not reach the fire.

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