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Unacceptable and outrageous notoriety on Hindu temples

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Unacceptable and outrageous notoriety on Hindu temples

No one has any right to cause harm to people of other religious beliefs. But for the past few years, under the direct and indirect instigation of pro-Islamist politicians such as West Bengal’s Mamata Banerjee, radical Muslims are continuing numerous forms of notoriety with the rogue agenda of desecrating Hindu temples and deities of goddesses.

According to media report, two radical Muslims named Raheem and Taufiq have surrendered as culprits behind the nefarious desecration of the Koragajja Katte Temple in Mangalore, India. Not only have they confessed to their crimes, but they have also named a third accomplice, Nawaz, who was the main culprit. Nawaz, Raheem and Taiufiq would visit Hindu temples often, slide condoms in the donation boxes and defile the sanctity of the temple by urinating inside.


Divine punishment on the culprit

According to media sources, soon after their latest misadventure, Nawaz started to vomit blood and suffer from dysentery. He was also acting insanely and died by banging his head on a wall. After his passing away, Tausif started vomiting blood. Scared that they may meet a fate like that of Nawaz, they confessed their crime to the temple priest to redeem themselves and seek forgiveness. They were eventually turned in to the police.

In March 2021, secular media in India and its allies worldwide had suffered a massive meltdown when a Muslim boy caught trespassing a Hindu temple was thrashed by the keepers of the temple. Asif, a 14-year-old boy claimed that he had entered the temple to drink water. Journalists who reached the venue to report on the incident have confirmed that there was a drinking water source right outside the temple. This left the journalists wondering why Asif chose to walk into a Hindu worship place when he could have quenched his thirst from the water source outside.


On probing, the temple chief alleged that this temple, situated amid a Muslim majority area, has been looted numerous times by Muslims. Priests were killed or driven away and these boys would often enter the temple to molest Hindu female devotees praying inside. As such incidents started to increase in frequency, after discussing the issue with local bureaucrats, the temple administration put up a big display banner in Hindi that read, “This is a Holy place of the Hindus. Muslims entry is prohibited”. Hindi is the local language in that area. It is understood that the 14-year-old Asif had definitely read the contents of the banner but ignored it because of his vicious agenda of desecrating Hindu temple. While the temple authorities were continuously facing similar atrocious acts of the Muslims, members of the so-called secularist media were busy in falsely accusing the priest of the temple for stopping Asif from committing such notoriety.

Following false and twisted reports published in the secularist media, which are generally biased towards non-Hindus especially Muslims, the leftist forces got an opportunity of staring hue and cry stating Asif was slapped by the priest. The intention behind such false propaganda was to attain global sympathy for the Muslims in India by vilifying Hindus.


Hindu groups, paying no heed to the secularists and their manufactured drama, started putting up such banners at temple gates in various parts of the country, sending more shockwaves for the pro-Islamic secular armchair activists in India.

Hindus have always been courteous and were welcoming Muslims and non-Hindus to their temples, as that also reflected a sign of interfaith harmony. But, how in the world, followers of any religion can allow any outsider inside their worshipping places, if the visitors were having evil agenda of desecrating it?


It should be mentioned here that, the cases of Nawaz, Raheen and Tausif are not the first of their kind to casually enter a Hindu temple and desecrate it deceitfully.

Back in June 2019, Trichy Cantonment police in Tamil Nadu, India arrested 28-year-old Mujibar Rehman for touching ancient female figurines in a 100-year-old temple complex inappropriately, taking sexually explicit pictures with them, and posting these on Facebook. His vulgarity enraged Hindu devotees and historians alike.


In July 2019, Irshad was booked under Section 295 and Section 153A of the Indian Penal Code for insulting religious sentiments and promoting enmity between different religious groups, and was sent to jail after the Bulandshahr police caught him urinating on a Shivalingan, a symbol of Hindu god Shiva, in a Hindu temple near Jahangirabad.

It was during the same time when ten members of the Ummat-E-Mohammaddiya, inspired by notorious hate-preacher Zakir Naik, planned a mass killing of Hindus by poisoning the Maha Prasad (food offered to gods and distributed among devotees) at the 400-year-old Shree Mumbreshwar Temple.


In August 2019, two Muslim youth, pretending to be Hindus, entered a Temple in Uttar Pradesh. They performed religious rituals with the priest, and then started desecrating the temple, taking down an idol using sticks and stones.

Similar incidents are continuing to happen in India almost on a regular basis. On February 2, 2021, Mohammed Suhail (19) and Nizamuddin (21) were accused and arrested for five cases of theft in Mangalore temples in South India. They are regular-looking youth who appear harmless at face value. Now if a priest grew suspicious of their motives and thrashed them, the secular media of the world would type out articles filled with lies telling as to how minorities have been cornered in a Hindu-majority country. Those secular media would even go further by putting the blame of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). Leftists and secularists would further accelerate this anti-Hindu propaganda by stating – “Muslims are in danger in India”. Some Muslims nations as well as those uninformed western policymakers would even buy such propaganda. In my opinion, it is a kind of vicious conspiracy against Hindus and India. For years, our newspaper Weekly Blitz has been continuously confronting such falsehood.

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