12.51% increase in the foreign exchange reserves of the Qatar Central Bank in April


International reserves and foreign currency liquidity of the Qatar Central Bank jumped last April by 12.51 percent, to reach 237.095 billion riyals, compared to 210.716 billion riyals in the same month last year.
The figures issued by the Qatar Central Bank today showed an increase in its official reserves at the end of last month, compared to what it was at the end of the same month last year, by about 25.486 billion riyals, to reach 178.885 billion riyals, driven by an increase in the central balances of bonds and foreign treasury bills by about 16.685 billion riyals, to the level of 136.389 billion riyals in April 2023.
The official reserves consist of major components, which are foreign bonds and bills, cash balances with foreign banks, gold holdings, special drawing rights deposits, and Qatar’s share in the International Monetary Fund.
In addition to the official reserves, other liquid assets (representing deposits in foreign currency), so that the two together form what is known as “total international reserves”.
In the same context, gold stocks rose by the end of last month by about 9.603 billion riyals to 21.378 billion riyals.
On the other hand, the balance of special drawing rights deposits from the share of the State of Qatar in the International Monetary Fund decreased at the end of last April by 131 million riyals, compared to April 2022, to reach the level of 5.320 billion riyals.
Balances with foreign banks also decreased by about 689 million to the level of 15.797 billion riyals at the end of last April, compared to April of last year.

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