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A conversation between Hunter and Hallie Biden exposes so much of secrets

Hunter Biden, Hallie Biden, Maureen Dowd, Marco Polo


A conversation between Hunter and Hallie Biden exposes so much of secrets

On February 24, 2019, there was a secret conversation between President Joe Biden’s scandalous son Hunter Biden and Hunter’s sister-in-law Hallie Biden, following publication of a “devastating” opinion-editorial by Maureen Dowd. This was later exposed from Hunter Biden’s laptop by Marco Polo. Here we are publishing the full transcript:

Hallie Biden: I’m not trying to (indiscernible).

Hunter Biden: Hallie, I didn’t say that you’re against me.

Hallie Biden: Then why would I use (indiscernible) against – [TIME STAMP 0:00:04].

Hunter Biden: Because –

Hallie Biden: Why would I –

Hunter Biden: the same way you used Karlee against me. The same –

Hallie Biden: Oh, my god.

Hunter Biden: What, oh, my god? Okay never mind. Never mind.

Hallie Biden: I’m sorry about the article – I’m – I’m scared and fearful that it’s going to be hell, all of this.

Hunter Biden: That it’s going to affect you –

Hallie Biden: For all of us.

Hunter Biden: – In any way.

Hallie Biden: For all of us.

Hunter Biden: For all of us? What do you mean for all of us?

Hallie Biden: You know what? Because –

Hallie Biden: (indiscernible) family [TIME STAMP 0:00:32].

Hunter Biden: Hallie, it isn’t already all of us?

Hallie Biden: It is already all of us.

Hunter Biden: So what are you scared about?

Hallie Biden: That it’s going to be horrible (indiscernible) It’s going to come [TIME STAMP 0:00:39].   

Hunter Biden: No, Hallie, it already came to me.

Hallie Biden: Okay. It’s going to keep coming.

Hunter Biden: To me.

Hallie Biden: Okay. Well, that was mild.

Hunter Biden: Oh, boy, okay.

Hallie Biden: And I’m sorry that that came to you; of course, I’m sorry. But I’m not causing that.

Hunter Biden: I didn’t say you caused it. All I expected was literally a – just a modicum of, like, of compassion, to talk about that, rather than to ask me, like, what – what my program was like.

Hallie Biden: I didn’t. I said are you connecting, do you feel like, its like –

Hunter Biden: I know, Hallie. And there’s no answer to that.

Hallie Biden: Okay.

Hunter Biden: I’m in rehab. And I can’t believe that your response – I mean, you can’t like, understanding this.

How can you not see how devastating this is to me?

Hallie Biden: Because I want it to be more than just about you.

Hunter Biden: Hallie –

Hallie Biden: I want you to see.

Hunter Biden: – It’s about me and –

Hallie Biden: – that are five kids –

Hunter Biden: My children.

Hallie Biden: – and –

Hunter Biden: No, there is me and my children.

Hallie Biden: Okay.

Hunter Biden: And – okay.

Hallie Biden: Not me.

Hunter Biden: And it obviously is not affecting you in any way.

Hallie Biden: Of course it is.

Hunter Biden: How?

Hallie Biden: What are you talking about?

Hunter Biden: How?

Hallie Biden: Okay.

Hunter Biden: I’m asking you how.

Hallie Biden: Don’t – try to see outside of yourself, Hunt.

Hunter Biden: No, I’m asking you how; in what way it is affecting you.

Hallie Biden: You don’t think anything affects me.

Hunter Biden: No, I’m asking you, in – in what terms does this, any of this affect you?

Hallie Biden: (indiscernible) [TIME STAMP 0:02:20].

Hunter Biden: No it’s not.

Hallie Biden: Okay, Hunt. I don’t have any business that they’re going to criticize. I don’t have any –

Hunter Biden: Business dealings?

Hallie Biden: (indiscernible) [TIME STAMP 0:02:31]. I don’t know where they’re going to go with you. It’s not just like – I don’t – It’s not all about me that they’re attacking you.

Hunter Biden: I don’t say it was.

Hallie Biden: Okay. Well then what are you blaming me for? Why am I –

Hunter Biden: I’m not blaming you for anything, Hallie. I’m saying to you it would seem to me that you would call and not expect me to apologize for my — for — for the things that I’ve done to harm you, today; is that you would have called, after reading that article, and you would have said, you know what, this really sucks for you.

Hallie Biden: Of course it sucks for you.

Hunter Biden: And that’s what I thought you were calling about.

Hallie Biden: I didn’t even know about the article.

Hunter Biden: Well then once you read it, what did you not — didn’t you think that that maybe is what you should say?

Hallie Biden: I’m sorry Hunt. I know it’s hard for you.

Hunter Biden: Oh, god. I mean, you’re so — okay, Hal. I — I — I — I am (indiscernible) I… [TIME STAMP 0:03:15].

Hallie Biden: I guess I want you to see the bigger part here on how much damage you’ve done to me, Natalie and Hunter, and –

Hunter Biden: Wait a second. Don’t –

Hallie Biden: – your kinds –

Hunter Biden: Wait a second.

Hallie Biden: Yeah.

Hunter Biden: What are you talking, the damage I’ve done to you?

Hallie Biden: Are you kidding?

Hunter Biden: Honey, you’re telling me right now, right in this moment, that what I should be focusing on is how much damage I’ve done to you and my children. That’s what’s going to get me sober.

Hallie Biden: And my children, yes.

Hunter Biden: And your children. The — the damage I’ve done.

Hallie Biden: I want you to talk about that with your therapist. Absolutely. And if I come visit, I would like to talk about that.

Hunter Biden: Okay.

Hallie Biden: Yes.

Hunter Biden: So what you’re telling me is that — what you called me to tell me is not only was I supposed to apologize to you, is that you also want me, in this time, to be truly focusing on what an asshole I’ve been –

Hallie Biden: I think to see –

Hunter Biden: – to my family.

Hallie Biden: — to own the shit that you’ve done —

Hunter Biden: Yes, to own the shit –

Hallie Biden: – Is more important –

Hunter Biden: That I’ve done.

Hallie Biden: — than worrying about the 15 articles that are coming — are going to come out.

Hunter Biden: You –

Hallie Biden: Yeah, I do. I do. I do, I think it’s more important –

Hunter Biden: What – Say that again?

Hallie Biden: for your — for you to recognize the damage you’ve done to your family, yes. That is most important. And so that you don’t –

Hunter Biden: Okay. I’m not kidding you.

Hallie Biden: Do it again.

Hunter Biden: I’m not kidding you now. I’m — I — I’m asking you, honestly, because I have talked about that. But what is the damage that you perceive that I’ve done? Because I –

To be continued

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