Al Jazeera launches right-wing project in the US

Al Jazeera’s announcement of the launch of a new US conservative platform catering to center-right Americans on Tuesday raised caused a stir across social media where users questioned the outlet’s motive.

“Al Jazeera is starting a news platform for conservative Americans who feel alienated. IN WHAT UNIVERSE ARE CONSERVATIVES IN THE US SHORT OF AIRTIME?????” one twitter user wrote.

The platform, known as Rightly, will be run by former News Corp executive Scott Norvell and claims to appeal to American who find themselves out of the mainstream conversation.

“Nothing too different from the past, when AJ and pro-#Qatar voices took over several conservative-leaning publications.  Now AJ is much more brazen and direct about it, clearly not worried about FARA designation.  Everyone is for sale!” another user, Media/Security consultant Irina Tsuckerman, tweeted.

Another, Reuters Journalist Lawrence Hurley, asked “How exactly are center-right folks left out of “mainstream media?””

According to Politico, the platform’s first program is scheduled for Thursday and will be an opinion-led interview show hosted by Stephen Kent.

The first show, scheduled for Thursday, will be an opinion-led interview program called “Right Now with Stephen Kent,” according to Politico, and more content will be unveiled in the coming months.

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