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America is pushing the world towards a WWIII

Official White House Photo by Adam Schultz

Experts are raising question about possibility of escalation of the Ukraine war, which would result in a direct war between America and Russia and subsequently result in devastating nuclear war or WWIII.

It is no secret that President Joe Biden is burning billions of American tax payer’s cash in Ukraine war, which is greatly benefiting America’s military industrial complex, while it remains a mystery as to how much kickback or commission those warmonger politicians in Washington DC are getting from it. One of the most interesting episodes of the Ukraine war is Joe Biden’s scandal-plagued son – Hunter Biden, who is neither selling his so-called artwork or trying to make cash from any other bids. One may assume, members of the Biden family, including Hunter Biden’s cash-appetite is substantially fulfilled through kickbacks and commission from the military industrial complex, while it may not be a wild speculation to think, Hunter Biden is receiving a stake of the sales proceeds of the vanished military hardware and cash aid that the US is sending to Ukraine. Rejecting this theory some of the pundits in Washington DC say, Hunter Biden and members of Biden’s family may have become inactive in their bids of making cash, as they fear such actions may seriously jeopardize Joe Biden’s 2024 reelection bids.

Meanwhile, there is growing rumor in the US about Democratic Party’s unwillingness of giving nod to Biden for a reelection bid as they believe some alternative candidate would do better and may “easily defeat” Donald Trump in 2024. Moreover, Democrats believe, Trump’s getting nomination from the Republican Party may finally fall flat as GOP leaders would look for a better candidate – a cleaner candidate than Trump.

Despite the fact of confusion within Democrats about nominating Joe Biden or Republicans willingness of finding someone better than Donald Trump, every politician in the United States, irrespective of their party affiliations are feeling concerned about the possibility of a third world war, from the Ukrainian war front.

Meanwhile, due to America’s bankrupt and hostile foreign policy, countries like Russia, China and India are gradually becoming dominant players in the regional and Middle Eastern affairs. Recently, China succeeded in mediating between Saudi Arabia and Iran and normalizing relations, which is seen by most of the Asian and Middle Eastern nations in a positive way. Especially, the Middle Eastern populace are still remembering the horrors of America’s invasion of Iraq, notoriety in Afghanistan and lately tricks played centering Saudi Arabia and Iran. They now believe, Washington’s sole intension is to keep Middle East into ever-lasting hostility and volatility, which helps America in paving path for selling weapons worth billions of dollars and extract unimaginable economic benefits. Similarly, America is replaying its Iraq card in Ukraine with the agenda of bringing the nation under Washington’s captivity and virtual slavery.

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