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Amid Russian invasion, Ukrainian girls desperately look for romantic relations

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Amid Russian invasion, Ukrainian girls desperately look for romantic relations

Weeks before Russia invaded Ukraine and Moscow’s military were seen on the streets of Kyiv and other cities in the country, Ukrainian girls desperately started looking establishing romantic relations with makes in the foreign countries, including Europe, America and Asian rich nations. Majority of those girls were posting their profiles on various online match-making services. Being scared of a Ukraine under Moscow’s rule, these young girls even are expressing willingness of leaving Ukraine by paying air fare on their own to meet their prospective boyfriends or husbands.

Talking to this correspondent, a Ukrainian female said, she has graduated from the university and also attended English-speaking courses, which she thinks would now be helpful in finding a boyfriend and potential husband in a foreign country. She said, her Ukrainian boyfriend has already fled the country leaving her totally helpless.

Another single-mother or a girl-child, Anna (28) said, for the sake of her own and her daughter’s safety, she even is willing to marry an older person anywhere in Europe. She said: “If someone accepts me as his wife or fiancé, I will dedicate myself to him”.

Meanwhile, a Ukrainian match-making service that claims to be providing “best hand-picked women” is spending busy time in establishing connections between foreigners and Ukrainian females. Talking about Ukrainian females, the agency said, “Ukrainian women have more traditional values. Marriage and family are more important, and they take care of their bodies. A lot of American women get fat and frankly, aren’t very attractive”.

Since the fall of the Soviet Union, Western men have descended on Ukraine in search of a partner – every 15th marriage in the country is reportedly registered as international. Many of these partnerships are “mail-order” marriages: local women take out listings on dating websites in the hope of marrying into a favorable financial situation, while men from central Europe and the US travel in search of a young, beautiful wife.

Mail-order dating in Ukraine has undoubtedly resulted in many happy partnerships, and can be a gateway to a better life for the women involved, but the country’s international dating scene has a darker side. Men who pay for the services of dating agencies can be scammed out of thousands of dollars to pursue relationships that never materialize, while the women are pressured into “emotional prostitution”.

Thomas David from the UK relocated to Kiev after meeting his Ukrainian wife on a business trip. He runs a dating consultancy website that claims to offer the “highest quality” guidance on how to meet women in Ukraine. This advice comes in the form of free blog posts (“Are Girls from Kiev Easy to Pull?”, “Marrying a Ukrainian Woman – What to Expect?”) and paid services, including personal dating coaching and guidance on Ukrainian culture.

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