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Anniversary of Paektusan Institute of Architecture marked

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Anniversary of Paektusan Institute of Architecture marked


A meeting was held in the DPRK on July 22 to mark the 40th anniversary of the Paektusan Institute of Architecture.

Kim Yong Jin, president of the institute, made a report there.

The reporter said that they commemorate the anniversary of the institute at a time when all the people in the country are vigorously speeding up the grand advance for the comprehensive development of socialist construction.

He noted that Chairman Kim Jong Il founded the institute on July 22, Juche 71 (1982).

The Paektusan Institute of Architecture was developed into a prestigious architectural creation and research group under the guidance and care of the Chairman who personally named it, built up its design forces and paid deep attention to providing the designers with better working and living conditions, the reporter said, adding:

The respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un visited the Paektusan Institute of Architecture twice to guide it to play the vanguard role always in rapidly developing the country’s architecture.


Under his loving care and trust, its designers could grow up to be competent architects who have played a leading role in erecting many monumental edifices in the era of the Workers’ Party which embody the Juche-oriented architectural idea of the Party.

The Paektusan Institute of Architecture has contributed to the development of the country’s architectural science by presenting books on architectural technology, theories on architectural science and designing norms of the state to propel the work for putting the architectural designing on a modern and scientific basis and introducing the research achievements into the reality, true to the plan and intention of the Party Central Committee.



The reporter called upon all the officials, architects and designers of the Paektusan Institute of Architecture to fully display the might of the united collective in the struggle for ushering in a new era of cultural efflorescence of socialism in the 21st century, bearing in their minds the trust and expectation of the respected General Secretary who puts forward them as the model and standard in the designing field of the country.

Attending the meeting were officials concerned, officials and employees and persons of distinguished services of the Paektusan Institute of Architecture.

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