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Australian broadcaster joins scammers against Dubai ruler

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Australian broadcaster joins scammers against Dubai ruler

According to information available on, Tom Steinfort is a “multi-award-winning journalist” who has been filing reports for 60 Minutes for many years. During the past twenty years, Tom has covered a number of major stories. But now, he certainly has put his own credibility and good name into stake. He purely is gambling, to please a convicted fraudster, a scammer and a notorious individual named David Haigh. Jointly with scammer David Haigh and his cronies Tiina Jauhiainen and mobile barber Marcus Essabri, Tom Steinfort is set to release his book named ‘The Sins of Sheikh’, where he is once again going to play the role of a mouthpiece of scammers. In this book, Tom Steinfort has reproduced the bogus story of Princess Haya and then outrageous story manufactured by fraud David Haigh, scammer Tiina Jauhiainen and David’s gay partner – Marcus Essabri.

Mystery behind the book of lies

For almost two years, Princess Haya was looking for someone who can work as her paid propagandist and defame Dubai’s ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Last year, she had bought David Haigh and Tiina Jauhiainen as witnesses to her outrageous claim against Sheikh Maktoum. For David and Tiina, Princess Haya emerged as a cash cow. But the shrewd, greedy and nasty Jordanian princess was not satisfied just by having David and Tiina onboard in her notorious propaganda and billion-dollar scamming scheme. She was willing to see massive media assault on Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. According as per her advice, David Haigh found the right person – Tom Steinfort, who is also a bi-sexual.

David Haigh and Tiina Jauhiainen succeeded in using Tom Steinfort and 60 Minute program in getting media’s exposure, which had helped them in cashing hundreds of thousands of dollars from various individuals under the pretense of “freeing Princess Latifa”.

Freeing Princess Latifa? Why? Has she ever been held into prison or in captivity in Dubai? No way! Rather Sheikha Latifa bint al-Maktoum has been happily living with her family members in Dubai ever since she was rescued from the captivity of notorious abductors and international criminals. Those criminals were having the plan of holding the Dubai princess hostage and demand ten million dollars for her release. David Haigh was the mastermind of this notorious plot. He was guiding Tiina Jauhiainen and it was planned, once the Dubai princess would land in any country, David and Tiina would first murder all the crews and the captain of the yacht and take Princess Latifa into isolated place, wherefrom they would start negotiating with Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and extract at least ten million dollars. But even if they were paid, Princess Latifa would be never freed. She would be eventually murdered and the blame would be put on the crews and captain of the yacht.

As the plot was foiled when Princess Latifa was rescued from the captivity of Tiina Jauhiainen, David Haigh turned furious. He started fresh conspiracy with Tiina and decided of defaming the Dubai ruler. At this stage David Haigh brough his gay-partner Marcus Essabri into the show by falsely portraying him as an “insider” of the Dubai royal family. But in reality, Marcus Essabri is not a family insider of the Dubai royals. He even has never visited Dubai, nor he is a relative of any of the wives of the Dubai ruler. In fact, Essabri was provided the role by David Haigh.

Anyway, David Haigh, Tiina Jauhiainen and Marcus Essabri’s false propaganda of Princess Latifa been kept in solitaire confinement fell flat. Everyone in the world knows – Princess Latifa is happily living with her family members.

But conspiracy and conspirators seem to be tireless. They now have a new venture. A book filled with lies and false narratives, which is written by Tom Steinfort. Although Amazon is accepting pre-order of the book, it is learned, this venture is financed by Princess Haya. She has provided tons of false information for the book to Steinfort.

It seems, Tom Sheinfort and Australia’s 60 Minute TV show have no shame.

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