Beginning of the end of Washington Tzar-Tsarina era


In August 1991, when an unsuccessful coup against Mikhail Gorbachev began the collapse of Soviet Union, the world went under the grips of a unipolar world order, politicians in Washington emerged as tzars and tsarinas, thus treating the entire world as slaves of their whims. Global economy was controlled by US dollars, meaning, America got the opportunity of playing its sanctions game with any nation it deemed thus looting wealth of individuals and countries at whims under the guise of sanctions. Since 1991, America became the second god. But tzars and tsarinas in Washington were not satisfied with such monopoly power. They have been making frantic bids in targeting every prospering nation in Asia, Africa and elsewhere with numerous excuses and conspiracies, while in most cases, they succeeded in turning peaceful nations into battlefields. Only agenda behind such notoriety is – America does not want any nation in the world to prosper and destroy its monopoly by challenging the unipolar world order.

Unipolarity is a condition in which one state under the condition of international anarchy enjoys a preponderance of power and faces no competitor states. But American scholars would say – a unipolar state is not the same as an empire or a hegemon that can control the behavior of all other states.

William Wohlforth argues that unipolarity is durable and peaceful because it reduces the likelihood of hegemonic rivalry (because no state is powerful enough to challenge the unipole) and it reduces the salience and stakes of balance of power politics among the major states, thus reducing the likelihood that attempts at balances of power cause major war. Wohlforth builds his argument on hegemonic stability theory and a rejection of the balance of power theory. With no great power to check its adventurism, the United States will weaken itself by misusing its power internationally. “Wide latitude” of “policy choices” will allow the US to act capriciously on the basis of “internal political pressure and national ambition”.

A unipolar world is when the majority of the world is dominated by a single state or nation’s military and economic power, and social and cultural influence. After the end of the Cold War between the USA and the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union collapsed, and the US emerged as a single powerful nation globally. Scholars of International relations believe that this was the beginning of America’s emerging unipolar world order. America holds superiority and dominance in commercial and military power, and the US dollar is considered to be the world’s dominant reserve currency. Politics is all about power and influence; the nation with the most power and economic, social, cultural, and military influence becomes a hegemony.

Currently, the entire world is facing threats of America’s hegemonic tendencies and thuggish behavior, where Washington can destabilize any country at whims or push the country towards sufferings by infecting war.

We have seen how the Washington tzars and tsarinas have created Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden by pumping hundreds of millions of dollars and subsequently had exported Al Qaeda notoriety throughout the Middle East and the world. But ultimately Washington’s experiment had backfired when Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda turned into Frankenstein. But by that time, Washington tzars and tsarinas succeeded in extorting hundreds of millions of dollars from wealthy Middle Eastern nations, including Saudi Arabia with the threats posed by its own Al Qaeda Frankenstein.

Washington also had destabilized Libya and pushed the country towards war and destruction, and until now, no one knows when Libyans will return to peaceful atmosphere. Similarly, America has destroyed Iraq by infecting madness of war and militancy. Yemen is another playground of Washington tzars and tsarinas.

In Iraq, Washington’s tzars and tsarinas had brought false allegations against Saddam Hussain on using chemical weapons on his rivals. Later it was proved, this theory of ‘chemical weapons’ was absolutely bogus. But American did not have any shame in destroying a great country like Iraq by exporting its agenda of war and destruction with false pretense of chemical weapons.

But there is karma of every mischiefs and misdeeds. That is why – Washington’s tzars and tsarinas have finally chosen Ukraine as their newest battleground. Although Western pundits say this war will end soon – in reality, Ukraine war shall continue indefinitely and this country too will ultimately become another Afghanistan. Soon there will be internal conflict between Volodymyr Zelensky’s forces and members of neo-Nazi Azov Battalion. Possibly there will be few more domestic players which would indulge into internal conflict. Meaning, Ukraine is heading towards extreme dark and destruction. And the key sufferers of this American plot will be Ukrainian civilians.

In Ukraine war Washington and its Western and NATO allies are spending millions of dollars every day, with the hope of finally establishing their total dominance in that country and steal natural and mineral resources, while Ukrainians will become mere slaves of those Western regimes.

Meanwhile, Washington is trying to push Taiwan towards destruction by giving instigation of beginning war challenging China. Similarly, Washington is looking for destroying the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), which is also known as North Korea by imposing unjust and punitive sanctions on that country.

Tzars and tsarinas in Washington want to destabilize China, DPRK, the Middle East and even India by continuing their hegemonic agendas. Of course, such evil agenda shall finally fall flat as America and its Western allies shall continue to incur massive financial loss in Ukraine. The Ukraine war is also damaging military power of those Western countries, while according to media reports, stock of weapons, ammunitions and explosives are continuing to decline in all of those countries.

I believe, Ukraine is going to be the graveyard of unipolar world order and false pride of Western countries – especially those Washington tzars and tsarinas. The world has already started shifting from dollar-controlled era to multi-currency era, where Chinese Yuan, Russian Rubles, Indian Rupees and currencies of few more Asian nations have started playing increasingly dominant role in economic activities.

While America and its Western allies are indulging into war, Asian nations are continuing to prosper.

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