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Biden administration banning bullet-proof vests

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Biden administration banning bullet-proof vests

Anti-gun Joe Biden administration is going to ban bulletproof vests initially in New York and it will also put a ban on selling of protective gear in the state. A bill has been already prepared by Democratic Party congressman Jonathan G. Jacobson in this regard, which would outlaw the sale and possession of body armor in the state of New York. The bill would require residents who own a bulletproof vest to surrender those to police within 15 days of the bill turning into law. It would make New York, a Democratic Party’s vote bank, become the first state to ban the purchase or possession of bulletproof vests for “law-abiding residents”.

It may be mentioned here that, New York already has a ban on the use of bulletproof vests while carrying out “any violent felony offense”, but Jacobson’s proposed bill would go beyond criminal use of the vests. New York has traditionally been at the forefront of efforts to restrict guns and associated accessories. Once Jacobson’s bill passes, it could be the start of a trend across other blue states to target the protective items even outside their use in any specific crime.


Second Amendment advocates have already begun to speak out against the law. The Firearms Policy Coalition created a website in order to mobilize against the proposal. The group said in a message on the site that Jacobson’s bill “deprives New Yorkers of their right to passive defense by instituting a confiscatory ban on body armors”.

The Firearms Policy Coalition noted the bill provides an exception for the members of the law enforcement agencies and questioned why normal citizens should not be allowed the same protection in case of real necessity.

It may be also mentioned here that, once this bill is passed, members of the press in New York shall also be barred from using protective gear, even during riots.

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