Biden Crime Family faces fresh scandal

While until now we have heard about massive corruptions and crimes committed by Joe Biden and his scandalous son Hunter Biden, now a new name has been added to the list of Biden Crime Family scandal.

Joe Biden’s drug and sex addicted son Hunter Biden’s dubious international business dealings and his connections with Ukrainian energy company Burisma have been in the media for a while, which proved, Hunter Biden has received millions of dollars from a large number of foreign countries, in some cases, where his father Joe Biden has compromised national interest of the US. Now another name of the Biden Crime Family is in the media. President Joe Biden’s brother Jim Biden is in the spotlight.

Affidavits uncovered by UK newspaper the Daily Mail charge that Jim was “at the center of a $140 million settlement between a US construction company and Saudi Arabia in 2012”.

And, the Mail reports, “Biden was selected because Saudi Arabia ‘would not dare stiff the brother of the vice president who would be instrumental to the deal”.

The report explains the details come from legal documents in the case.

The case affidavits obtained by the publication said Jim Biden was at the center of the deal between Hill International and Saudi Arabia. The report said the documents show Jim Biden “told a former senior US Treasury official working as a private investigator that he was hired … ‘because of his position and relationship’ to VP Joe Biden”.

At the time, Hill International was trying to obtain the return of the US$140 million, and the company hired several law firms to work on the project.

“In an affidavit the former Treasury official, Thomas Sullivan, described his sit-down interview with Jim Biden about being hired to negotiate with the Saudis. Sullivan claimed the president’s brother told him: ‘Of course, the [Biden] name didn’t hurt,’ and Jim’s wife Sara, who was present, allegedly said that Joe and his brother ‘told each other everything'”, the report said.

Sullivan’s testimony also included, “I asked specifically if he had attended a meeting with the Saudi Ministry of Trade in mid-February 2012 to receive the final payment for the work Hill had performed. He answered that, to the best of his memory, he had been at such a meeting, and that the reason he had attended was ‘because of his position and relationship’ with his brother”.

The debt was owed to the company for work on desalination plants dating back to the 1980s, the report said.

Thomas Lankford confirmed the dealings, the report said. In a May 2022 affidavit, he described how his law firm was cut out of the process.

“After many delays, a meeting was finally scheduled for mid-February, 2012, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The Professional Firms were excluded from this meeting. Hill International, acting through [its CEO, Irvin] Richter, sent Jim Biden – the then sitting vice president’s brother. Richter confided that he selected Biden because KSA [the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia] would not dare stiff the brother of the vice-president who would be instrumental to the deal”.

The issue is before Congress again as the Republican-majority House has promised extensive investigations into alleged influence peddling by Hunter Biden, and other schemes involving other members of the Biden clan.

Sullivan confirmed he later talked with Joe Biden.

“I asked Mr. Biden to describe his position with Hill International, He said that he had been hired to do ‘business development’ work for them and that Saudi Arabia was a country that Hill had him assigned to assist with. James stated that he was told that the final payment would be made in both cash and ‘a very large amount’ of new future contract work”.

The report added, “The affidavit does not specify who ‘he’ refers to, but a source briefed on the case told that it was Joe Biden”.

The Bidens did not provide the Mail with a comment when asked.

Shall Biden family now come under sanctions?

While Joe Biden and members of his administration are targeting several nations in the world with the allegations of financial and political corruption, and money-laundering, it is now asked – whether the US Department of Treasury would dare imposing sanctions on Jim Biden, Hunter Biden and other members of the Biden Crime Family under the Global Magnitsky Act. Critics said, Biden administration has adopted the policy of intimidating various foreign nations and individuals and even been blackmailing them with the threats of imposing sanctions. Now, the US president himself and members of his family are facing serious allegations of political crimes and corruption. Shall they come under sanctions?

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