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Biden’s sinking approval pushes Hunter Biden into hiding

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Biden’s sinking approval pushes Hunter Biden into hiding

With Joe Biden’s sinking approval ratings, his scandalous son Hunter Biden has visibly gone into hiding after cashing millions of dollars by selling so-called paintings at an exorbitant price. Critics say, most of the buyers of his paintings did indirectly bribe President Joe Biden hoping special favors. It is also rumored that some lobbyist groups have also purchased Hunter Biden’s paintings as they saw this a great opportunity of buying Joe Biden’s favor by spending few hundreds thousand dollars in buying so-called paintings of his orgy addict son.

According to a credible source, Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) and Jamaat-e-Islami had asked their lobbyists to spend few million dollars in buying Hunter Biden’s “paintings” if they can get positive signals from agents of Hunter Biden’s that President Joe Biden will issue a statement calling upon the Bangladesh government to hold a midterm election in 2022 under a caretake government.

Dodgy dealings of Hunter Biden with Heidi Planck

British tabloid The Sun has dropped a bombshell report stating missing Heidi Planck’s boss was closely involved in a business deal with Hunter Biden, according to emails found of Joe Biden’s son’s infamous laptop.

Heidi Planck (39) disappeared in highly mysterious circumstances after attending her 11-year-old son’s flag football game in Los Angeles on October 17, 2021.

Cops raided her home and have been searching a landfill site 50 miles north of a building where Heidi was last seen on CCTV cameras in Downtown LA but so far her disappearance remains unsolved.

Heidi’s ex-husband Jim Wayne – who was the first to report her missing – has previously claimed to The Sun that cops are looking into her job as an accountant for Camden Capital managing partner Jason Sugarman as a main line of inquiry.

Sugarman is currently under civil investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission over a scam in which he allegedly helped steal $43 million and leave a Native American tribe US$60 million in debt.

Earlier this month The Sun revealed that Sugarman’s business partner and convicted ringleader in the Indian bond scam Jason Galanis had links to Hunter Biden and the Gambino crime family.

Now a new cache of documents from Hunter’s abandoned laptop obtained by The Sun show that Sugarman himself was deeply involved with Hunter’s business dealings in China.

And Jason Galanis’s brother told The Sun he believes it shows Hunter, 51, should have been indicted in the fraud scheme together with his business associates.

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