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BLiTZ investigative report goes viral on the internet

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BLiTZ investigative report goes viral on the internet


Almost two years ago, investigative reporters of BLiTZ, Bangladesh’s most influential newspaper had published series of reports exposing scamming activities of an Indian “kid godman” named Abhigya Anand, who at that time was enjoying global media’s attention for his so-called predictions centering COVID-19 pandemic as well as a number of issues, including India-China war, WW3 etcetera. As the matter also caught attention of BLiTZ, reporters were assigned to run investigation in it. Later, on December 26, 2020, based on the findings of our reporters, the very first report titled ‘Kid ‘godman’ Abhigya Anand exposed’ was published in BLiTZ.

The first report said:

While the Indian and a section of the global media are busy promoting a kid ‘godman’ named Abhigya Anand from India, highlighting his predictions on COVID-19, we are getting so much of information on this “mysterious kid” and dubious activities of his parents who are trying to make money by falsely presenting their child as a godman.

In this article, a lot of mysteries centering this kid is being exposed, which possibly shall be an eye-opener to millions of people around the world.

Abhigya Anand’s flopped prediction 

On May 3, Abhigya Anand in his Facebook post said: “Estimated people will die in India 10,000 due to coronavirus. Please share this and stay at home”.


Then on June 15, 2020, Abhigya Anand in another Facebook post said: “My final Predict 27,500 people will die in India due to coronavirus”.

Abhigya Anand’s prediction has already been proven totally wrong. The number of people already died in India due to coronavirus (until December 25, 2020) is 147,128 – ten times more than what Abhigya had predicted.


Subsequently, several reports were published in BLiTZ exposing Abhigya Anand and his parents. See those reports HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE. We shall continue publishing more reports on Abhigya Anand as currently our reporters are further investigating this case.

As BLiTZ reports exposing Abhigya Anand and members of his family started catching attention of hundreds of media outlets throughout the world (BLiTZ has news exchange agreement with over 750 newspapers and news agencies in the world), Yahoo News along side several newspapers, news agencies, news portals and TV channels had run reports on Abhigya Anand giving reference to BLiTZ. In fact, BLiTZ reports on Abhigya Anand has already become viral on the web, catching attention of Chinese, Vietnamese, Spanish, French, German, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Malaysian, Indonesian, African, Russian, and Middle Eastern media outlets.


Spanish news portal ‘Maldita’ in its report titled: The hoax of the 14-year-old Indian boy who predicted the coronavirus in 2019’ wrote:

Several media outlets have released in recent days a video of a 14-year-old Indian boy named Abhigya Anand who supposedly would have predicted the coronavirus in 2019. Although the “astrologer” does mention the possibility of diseases in recent months of 2019 and the first of 2020, does not mention the coronavirus and predicts other events, such as the Third World War, that have not occurred. These erroneous predictions, which according to him will be resolved by praying and eating vegetables, have not been questioned by many of the media that have echoed them.


The video in question was uploaded by Abhigya Anand to his YouTube channel on August 22, 2019. In that recording, around minute 10:32, the boy assures that between November of that year and April 2020 “there will be diseases widely transmitted around the world” and that, if the contagion does not occur worldwide, it will be registered “especially in India”. That phrase that he pronounces in a few seconds is the only reference he makes to diseases in the entire video (20 minutes long), which is loaded with generalities as is often the case in astrology.

The astronomer and director of the Pamplona Planetarium, Javier Armentia, explained in an essay published on the website of the Spanish Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (SEBBM) that astrology “establishes vague statements that the client personalizes and adapts to his own perceptionIn addition, he points out that there is a bias that leads the client to “remember what has worked and minimize the error.”


Regarding the video of Abhigya Anand, Armentia assures that “he has neither head nor tail” since he refers to other events that have not occurred.“When you spend 20 minutes talking nonsense and vagueness, some will be right, but that’s just chance,” she says.

 In his video, Abhigya Anand assures that between November 2019 and April 2020 the war between the United States and Iran was going to start with “99%” security, just like the war between India and Pakistan. Neither of these things has happened.


Nor has there been that Third World War that he shows on a poster and that, according to him, was going to affect countries around the world such as Greece, North Korea or “South America.”

BLiTZ contents frequently republished by international media

Almost every day, BLiTZ contents are being either republished or quoted by leading international media, as contents of BLiTZ are crawled by all major search engines, including Google News, Yahoo News, AOL News, MSN News, Baidu News, Bing News, Yandex News etc., while India’s largest Hindustan Times Syndication or HT Syndication is distributing BLiTZ contents to its subscribers in India and abroad.


Back in 2011, The Wall Street Journal had dedicated an entire opinion editorial on BLiTZ, proving massive spread of the contents of this newspaper. In 2012, exclusive report of BLiTZ exposing secret romance between then Pakistani foreign minister Hina Rabbani Khar and Pakistan People’s Party’s junior boss Bilawal Bhutto had created a huge media buzz which had resulted in political disaster for PPP during the subsequent elections.


In 2007, the United States Congress had recognized BLiTZ as the “most influential” newspaper from Bangladesh.

In addition to its online edition, that currently draws over 3 million readers every month, BLiTZ also has an 8-page print edition in tabloid format. Soon we are going to increase the page number to 16.

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Contents published under this byline are those created by the news team of BLiTZ

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