Brain malfunctioned Biden moves as per written instruction


It is already known to everyone that US President Joe Biden is suffering from brain malfunction. Now things are openly exposed to the media. According to reports, each of the steps Biden is making inside and outside the White House is strictly controlled through written instructions, which media outlets called ‘cue card’.

According to media report, recently it was exposed that Joe Biden is provided strict written instructions about each of his moves, as he, due to malfunctioned brain suffers from short memory and in most cases, he cannot remember what to do, which is a serious disease worse than Parkinson.

During a press Joe Biden accidentally revealed the ‘cue card’ he is provided for each of his activities, during a recent meeting in the White House. These cue cards contain very simple instructions such as do this – do that. The card in the captioned photograph, for example includes instructions such as “YOU take YOUR seat” as well as an instruction to say hello to the guests. For a US president being dictated with a cue card exposes extremely disturbing side of Joe Biden of being unable to function on his own. He is just a mere puppet or someone without the self-capability of even saying “hello” to his guests or visitors. It might have been a serious gaffe or solecism for the president to accidently show the cue card that actually helps him in running the office, but according to people, this exposes the inability of Joe Biden of running the office.

During a meeting on June 23, 2022, Joe Biden accidentally revealed a cue card at a White House meeting, offering a glimpse of instructions related to the process of the meeting.

According to the White House, Joe Biden gave remarks in the Roosevelt Room to a gathering of state governors about a partnership with 11 states to speed up the growth of the offshore wind industry and its domestic supply chain in the US.

The photographer documenting the event captured one of the documents Biden used during the meeting: a cue card titled “The President” with the title of the event, followed by bullet-pointed instructions seemingly for Biden.

A photo of the list, which is somewhat blurry, can be seen below:

The full list of the instructions reads:

“YOU enter the Roosevelt Room and say hello to participants”.

“YOU take YOUR seat”.

“Press enters”.

“YOU give brief comments […]” This note was partially blocked by Biden’s finger.

“Press departs”.

“YOU ask Liz Shuler, President, AFL-CIO, a question. Note: Liz is joining virtually”.

“YOU thank participants”.

“YOU depart”.

While left-leaning media outlets are arguing stating “It is not unusual for a leader’s press team to produce a memorandum of events, including instructions for the speaker”, according to former staffers of the White House, this is “rare” and such cue cards are “possibly required by Joe Biden as he has issues related to memory”.

The White House press office could not respond to request for comment about the issue of ‘cue card’ to media. The simplicity of the instructions — which included “YOU depart” at the end — caused speculative comment among Biden’s political opponents, including far-right former presidential advisor Steven Miller.

Steven Miller tweeted, in reference to the card: “There need to be emergency hearings next year on 25th amendment”, the amendment referring to the removal of a president who is incapacitated. There is plenty of evidences proving Joe Biden is incapacitated.

Right-wing news outlets also treated Biden being seen with such a list as a serious gaffe, with top figures at The Daily Callerthe Daily Wire, and satire site the Babylon Bee commenting on it.

Ryan Saavedra @RealSaavedra, reporter of the Daily Wire in his tweet said: “Holy shit. Biden is so senile that his staff had to write on a notecard: “YOU take YOUR seat”.

The New York Post in its report said: Biden’s use of staff notes at events has been embarrassing before, such as last July, when an aide scrawled, “Sir, there is something on your chin”. Biden also held that note so it faced reporters and photographers.

It said “…Biden reportedly has bristled at staff attempting to control his message to the point that they even contradict his unexpected public utterances without checking with him.

Biden reportedly reminded staff that he’s the president after they said he didn’t mean what he said in March when he called for Russian President Vladimir Putin to be removed from power over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine”.

A day after Biden’s remark about Putin, White House chief of staff Ron Klain retweeted a message from CNN White House correspondent John Harwood that said Biden’s remark showed a “significant lapse in discipline”.

The New York Post earlier said: Biden’s decline is obvious to everyone but the press”.

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