Dan Settgast, Jorge Sebastiao, suspicious foundations and channeling of Russian oligarch’s cash


Russian oligarchs have visibly become desperate in channeling their tons of cash into third country by hook or crook. For this, they mainly are eyeing on several European, African and Middle Eastern countries and have appointed agents for exploring the possibilities of shifting fund on an urgent basis. With this mission in mind, Russian oligarchs have appointed several individuals to make necessary arrangements on an urgent basis so that they can shift their secret cash to those countries. Few of the key handlers of Russian oligarchs cash are Jorge Sebastiao (main man behind a company named EcoX; Nimbus DeFi, and YEM coin fake cryptocurrency), Daniel Settgast aka Dan Settgast (main man behind several companies including YEM Foundation, Green Zero Foundation, while Jorge Sebastiao is the President of YEM Foundation, a non-profit registered in Nevada, USA without any office), Kamil Grund (main man behind EcoShumi Foundation, a scam scheme based in Dubai, where Jorge Sebastiao is the co-founder), Vit Jedlička and Zuzana Uchnárová aka Zuzana Uchnarova (owner and co-owner of ‘Liberland’ another notorious scam venture), and Bruno Koschorek (a former German military who works with the Russian oligarchy and President of dubious Green Zero Foundation).

Bruno Koschorek during MoU signing ceremony with Lublin authorities. Dan Settgast remained out of the camera

Dan Settgast aka Daniel Settgast in Bahrain

Recently, YEM coin scammer and one of the handlers of Russian oligarch’s cash, Dan Settgast aka Daniel Settgast has established a bogus entity named ‘Green Zero Foundation’ in the United States and succeeded in signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with officials in Lublin, Poland; while he also has established another company named Dana Middle East Technology (DanaTec) in Bahrain. DanaTec is directly connected to couple of scam ventures of Dan Settgast namely United American Capital Corporation (UAC) and Unicorn.

United American Capital Corporation (UAC) claims to be registered in Oregon bearing registration number 246416-98, with virtual office at 7201 W Lake Mead Blvd #200, Las Vegas, NV 89128, USA. It has no real or physical office. Website of this fraudulent venture is inactive.

Unicorn Network, a fraud venture of Dan Settgast on its website has no information.

By establishing DanaTec in Bahrain, Dan Settgast managed residence visa in Bahrain, where now he is trying to channel Russian oligarch cash into several dubious venture. According to information, Dan Settgast also has succeeded in luring few members of the Bahraini royal family into his fraudulent projects.

Here is detailed information on Dan Settgast’s various scam projects in the United States and elsewhere.

According to information Dan Settgast’s deceitful scheme ‘Greenzero Foundation’ on its website says: “The Green Zero Foundation is registered under US Laws in the State of Nevada as a Non-Profit Organization with Certificate #B202207222865447, operating worldwide with headquarters at One Central Station Place #4600, New York, NY 10165.

“The Green Zero Foundation is represented by its President Mr. Bruno Koschoreck.

“Nevada Business ID NV20222525563, Entity #E24970312022-1, Federal Tax ID (EIN) 88-3386437.

“Mailing Address: Green Zero Foundation, 60E 42nd Street, Suite 4600, New York, NY 10165”.

Memorandum of Understanding signed between Poland’s Lublin authorities and dubious Green Zero Foundation

This ‘Greenzone Foundation’ is a venture of ‘YEM Foundation’, another scam venture of Dan Settgast, Jorge Sebastiao and few more frauds. On its website, ‘YEM Foundation’ claims to be “Registered as a Nonprofit Corporation # E0553072017-8 under the Laws of Nevada, USA” with a mailbox address at 304 S Jones Blvd #1174, Las Vegas, NV 89107 USA. It also claims to be affiliated with ‘International Non-Governmental Organization (INGO), # XM7617 at the Union of International Associations, while it says, YEM Foundation, a non-profit is the “Legal Regulatory Authority for YEM Currency”, a fake cryptocurrency of this fraud racket.

‘Greenzero Foundation’ on its website claims to have its ‘Head Quarters’ at One Grand Central Place, Suite 4600, New York, NY 10165, Phone +1 (212) 324 5454.

Our New York correspondent physically visited the above-mentioned premises and found that One Grand Central Place is originally the Lincoln Building, is a 53-story, 673 feet (205 m) tall neo-Gothic office building at 60 East 42nd Street in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. Owner of this building is Empire State Reality Trust. On inquiry it was revealed that there is no existence of any tenant named ‘Greenero Foundation’ in this property.

More about Daniel Settgast

Our investigative reporters have found few more dubious companies owned by Daniel Settgast aka Dan Settgast. One of these companies is named ‘International Gallery of Fines Arts Ltd’, Company Number 13302879, Registered office at: Suite 483 Unit 3a, 34-35 Hatton Garden, Holborn, London, United Kingdom, EC1N 8DX, Date of incorporation March 30, 2021.

Russian oligarch cash handler Jorge Sebastiao in Dubai

Jorge Sebastiao, who runs a company named ‘EcoX’ in Dubai and has also launched another venture named ‘EcoX Africa’ in the African continent has floated a grand scam project named ‘EcoShumi Foundation’ in Dubai. He also is the president of YEM Foundation and faces criminal charges in Spain for cheating thousands of people and stealing 136 million Euros through a fraud venture named Nimbus.

Sitting in Dubai, Jorge Sebastiao and his cohorts Kamil Grund and Zuzana Uchnárová aka Zuzana Uchnarova are trying to help Russian oligarchs in shifting their secret cash into Dubai and other Middle Eastern nations, including Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Sebastiao, Grund and Uchnarova are openly proclaiming themselves to be connected to royal family members in the Middle East.

On a website it is stated: “The only person with significant control at INTERNATIONAL GALLERY OF FINE ARTS LTD is currently Mr Daniel Settgast. Mr Daniel Settgast was born in 1964, is resident of Bahrain and has German nationality. Mr Daniel Settgast has right to appoint and remove directors.

“Mr Daniel Settgast has significant control also at SHOBBIT LTD (company number 14076510). More specifically, Mr Daniel Settgast has right to appoint and remove directors from SHOBBIT LTD since 2022-04-28”.

The website mentions Daniel Settgast as a “resident of Bahrain”.

Daniel Settgast also owns a company named ‘TC Entertainment Electronics AG’, which has office at Im Kimmelberg 2-4, 56072 Koblenz
Country: Germany, Contact Person: Petra Bauersachs, Tel: +49 172 6584139, Email: [email protected], Website: www.telecontrol.de.

Another Russian oligarch cash handler Bruno Koschorek

Bruno Koschorek, president of a dubious venture named ‘Green Zero Foundation’ has succeeded in luring a section of Polish politicians in signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with him and his partner Dan Settgast for establishing a ‘Eco Park’ in Lublin in Poland by investing over one billion euro. While signing the MoU, Lublin authorities did not ask Bruno Koschorek or Daniel Settgast aka Dan Settgast to show prove of fund as they were told that Russian oligarch would place cash for this project.

LinkedIn profile of Bruno Koschorek

Another reason for Jarosław Stawiarski, the Marshal of the Lublin Province from PiS (Law and Justice is a right-wing populist and national-conservative political party) introducing these scammers was, because he was offered “secret kickback” by Bruno Koschorek and Dan Settgast, once the project was implemented.

According to a source, before signing of the MoU, Bruno Koschorek arranged a telephonic conversation between Marshal Jarosław Stawiarski and a Russian businessman. Following this call, Jarosław Stawiarski knew Bruno Koschorek was a genuine representative of the Russian oligarch. It was also agreed that Bruno Koschorek and Dan Settgast would meet Jarosław Stawiarski and few more PiS leaders during mid-October when a “token amount” would be handed-over to Stawiarski as “gesture of friendship” from the Russian oligarch.

Jarosław Stawiarski and few other PiS leaders reportedly had told Bruno Koschorek that Poland was the “safest place to mobile cash” from “any Russian investor”.

Experince details of Bruno Koschorek on his LinkedIn profile

According to LinkedIn profile of Bruno Koschorek, he hails from Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.

He has been associated with a company named Vorstand WBM/BUEVorstand, WBM/BUE, Unternehmensberatung since 2009. According to company profile on LinkedIn, this company has been running a project named Next Millionaer, although the website of such suspicious venture is already shut-down. Most of the information of the so-called employees of Unternehmensberatung are hidden on LinkedIn, except for the profiles of Çağla M.

Bruno Koschorek is also associated with an entity named ‘BUE Energieingennieure’ or Association of Independent Energy Engineers (BUE) which has office at Kiel, Marthastr. 6, 24114 Kiel, Germany, Telephone: 0431 – 26 093 880, Fax: 0431 – 26 093 881.

Attempts of injecting Russian oligarch cash into Poland?

Polish journalist and political commentator Anna Dryjańska wrote in a report titled ‘”’The Lord is crazy!” A PiS marshal caught cooperating with a mysterious foundation’:

“The style of Goebbels and Urban” – with these words Jarosław Stawiarski, the Marshal of the Lublin Province from PiS attacks the media. The politician reacts in this way to questions about connections with the GreenZero Foundation, and through it – with organizations promoting the controversial YEM cryptocurrency. Stawiarski signed the GreenZero Foundation’s letter of intent, which wants to build a zero-emission industrial park in Kraśnik. The project is to cost PLN 5 billion.

The conversation between the Marshal of Lublin, Jarosław Stawiarski, and the media, who asked why he signed the letter of intent establishing GreenZero zone in Kraśnik, was nervous. When a journalist asked a PiS politician if he was not afraid of being notified by Senator Jacek Bury about the Internal Security Agency, Stawiarski exploded.

“You must be crazy now. The Lord is just … The Lord is crazy right now asking about such things. I am not afraid of a notification to the Internal Security Agency. The Lord did not understand my conference. I explained that there was nothing in this letter of intent”, said Marshal Jarosław Stawiarski.

Well, Marshal Jarosław Stawiarski has reasons to feel nervous as he knew, Green Zero Foundation would bring tons of cash from Russian oligarch into this venture as Bruno Koschoreck, a former German military who works with the Russian oligarchy had clearly told several Lublin politicians that Greenzero Foundation would mobilize Russian cash into the project.

According to Polish news portal ‘MediaNarodowe’:

The media reports about the controversy surrounding the signing by the Marshal of the Lublin Province, Jarosław Stawiarski, a PiS politician, of a letter of intent from the GreenZero Foundation.

This foundation is suspicious. It was officially established a month before the letter was signed.

A zero-emission industrial park for PLN 5 billion is to be built in Kraśnik, consisting of a huge photovoltaic farm and a nanocoating factory. A letter of intent was signed on this matter. The partner who is to undertake this investment is the GreenZero Foundation.

The president of the Lublin National Movement, Piotr Zduńczyk, wrote on Twitter that the president of this foundation is:

Bruno Koschoreck, a former German military who works with the Russian oligarchy. The past of the foundation itself is very unclear, it even seems that the foundation was ‘established on its knees’. It was formally established on July 22, 2022.

It is one month before signing the said letter of intent.

Among the 30 entities with which the foundation was supposed to work, we deal with entities that do not even have contact or identification details. Most of them don’t even have a website and some are linked via source code to a YEM cryptocurrency wallet, which is just a SCRAP.

Financial scams?

Onet portal reported that the foundation is being accused in Asia of financial frauds. Senator Jacek Bury on behalf of Poland 2050 announced that he would submit a notification to the Internal Security Agency regarding this cooperation. Marshal Stawiarski commented on this, saying:

I had no idea who was behind it. I did not know Mr. Bruno Koschorek. I saw him for the first time at this meeting. Making an enunciation saying that Mr. Koschoreck is connected with Russian capital, some services and that he wants to extort something, is a story of fairy tales. Mr. Bury rumbles that some idiots sign this, or people aiming for extra zeros in their wallets. They make huge accusations against the head of the commune, the mayor and my humble person. Not a word of truth was said, which is in this letter of intent.

Earlier, courageous investigative journalist Agnieszka Mazuś of the Dziennik Wschodni, Lublin’s largest Polish-language newspaper has published several investigative reports about the suspicious venture of Green Zero Foundation in Lublin Province.

High-ranking Russians connected to Green Zero Foundation project

In the report, which has been handed-over to Polish Internal Security Agency, names of high-ranking Russians have been mentioned. Those names include Igor Lebedev, a former Duma deputy and alleged son of Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

A source said, individuals such as Jeorge Sebastiao, Daniel Settgast aka Dan Settgast, Kamil Grund, Zuzana Uchnárová aka Zuzana Uchnarova etcetera have found a number of Middle Eastern countries, such as Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates for running illegal activities and channeling cash of Russians and Russians oligarch into various ventures, including investment in cryptocurrency.

The source said, Dubai in particular has already become a hub of scammers, frauds, criminals and handlers of Russian oligarch’s cash.

Fraudulent and scamming activities of Daniel Settgast aka Dan Settgast, Jorge Sebastiao and few more individuals involved in numerous forms of crimes including fake cryptocurrency, MLM, Ponzi scheme etcetera came under the radar of international media and law enforcement agencies when Indian news portal The Eastern Herald published a report, which was followed by series of investigative reports published in BLiTZ.

Team of investigative reporters of BLiTZ are looking for further details on the dubious activities of Jorge Sebastiao, Dan Settgast, Kamil Grund, Vit Jedlička, Zuzana Uchnárová aka Zuzana Uchnarova and few more individuals who are connected to Russian oligarch.

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