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Democrats want to victimize Marco Polo and Garrett Ziegler

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Democrats want to victimize Marco Polo and Garrett Ziegler

Solid investigations and exposures by Marco Polo, an organization run by Garrett Ziegler has put Joe Biden and his scandalous son Hunter Biden as well as other members of the Biden Crime Family, including Biden’s drug and sex addict daughter Ashley Biden in trouble. Now, Democrats are taking preparations for a battle against Marco Polo and Garrett Ziegler, which may include staged string operation against Ziegler and his organization. Large donors such as Gorge Soros as well as several Ukrainian and Chinese billionaires are ready to funnel fund for this mission.

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In July 2022, a bombast made by Garrett Ziegler, a former Donald Trump White House aide following his meeting with the January 6 committee had gone viral on social media. According to media reports, prior to meeting the

House panel Zeigler informed his Telegram followers stating:

Yours truly going before the scam committee on Tuesday morning.

Such a joke, but don’t worry, I’ll do nothing but tell the truth: Trump did nothing wrong and the election was stolen. Make America Great Again.

Following his meeting, snippets of a 27-minute rant he later posted on his Telegram page after the meeting have gone viral on Twitter.

Ziegler accused the committee of being “anti-white” while also negatively speaking about his former female colleagues.

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In the 27-minute recording, a maverick Garrett Zeigler, who served as an aide to ex-trade adviser Peter Navarro accused the politicians leading the January 6 investigation of being Bolsheviks who hate the American founders and most white people. He said, “This is a Bolshevistic anti-white campaign. If you can’t see that, your eyes are freaking closed. I am the least racist person that many of you have ever met, by the way. I have no bigotry. I just try to see the world for where it is”.

Garrett Ziegler also took aim at Cassidy Hutchinson and Alyssa Farah – two female former White House aides who appeared before the January 6 witchcraft show and gave false description of the day as per briefing of the federal agents and Democrats. It was later revealed that both the females were lured to give such outrageous false statement against benefits or were blackmailed and forced in doing so.

Commenting on Cassidy Hutchinson and Alyssa Farah, Ziegler said: “The other young people in the White House are total hoes and thots like Cassidy Hutchinson and this Alyssa Farah hoebag, who are just terrible. I mean, they have no clue what they’re saying”.

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Garrett Ziegler is correct. Both the women parroted things what they were taught by Biden’s federal agents and Democrats.

Now Ziegler has become Number-1 enemy of Joe Biden, his family and Democrats as they hold him responsible for the upcoming disaster as Ziegler’s Marco Polo has laid strong evidence which can be used to impeach Joe Biden and send his son Hunter Biden and other members of the Biden Crime Family to prison. For these reasons, Democrats and Biden’s White House want to send Garrett Ziegler to prison by bringing false allegations against him. It won’t even be surprising if Ziegler and Marco Polo men are murdered by the Democratic thugs.

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