Donald Trump announces his imminent arrest

The focus of corporate media attention to former President Donald Trump’s announcement on March 18, 2023 that he expects to be arrested next week was his call for protests.

The Wall Street Journal, which like Fox News is owned by the Rupert Murdoch family, opened its report as follows:

Donald Trump called on his supporters to protest in the face of expected charges against the former president in New York connected to the payment of hush money to a porn star.

Mr. Trump posted a message on his social media site Saturday morning, saying leaks indicated that he would be charged by the Manhattan district attorney’s office and arrested on Tuesday “BASED ON AN OLD & FULLY DEBUNKED (BY NUMEROUS OTHER PROSECUTORS!) FAIRYTALE.”

In a statement, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green warned Republicans not to be spectators in yet the latest effort to stop the Trump-inspired Make America Great Again juggernaut:

If the Manhattan DA indicts President Trump, he will ultimately win even bigger than he is already going to win.

And those Republicans that stand by and cheer for his persecution or do nothing to stop it will be exposed to the people and will be remembered, scorned, and punished by the base.

President Trump did nothing wrong and has always fought for the American people, and we all know it, which is why we love him.

And any Republican who thinks the Democrats will stop this madness once Trump is out of the way is fooling themselves.

Weaponized Government and Political Persecution are new chapters in their playbook and they will use those methods against anyone who stands in their way.

And we are absolutely fed up with the two-tiered justice system or rather INJUSTICE system in America.

The base has had enough of Republicans that won’t stand up for the people and against the Democrats war against Trump, his admin, his supporters, and traditional values.

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