DPRK young people launches mass movement

Young people in the DPRK turned out in the revolutionary mass movement for attaining 12 major goals of national economic development with high enthusiasm and strong will to fully demonstrate the heroic stamina and mettle peculiar to the Korean youth.

Youth league officials and young people in the agricultural sector have carried hundreds of thousands of tons of quality self-sufficing manure to farm fields up to now from the beginning of this year.

Youth league primary organizations at the Hochongang Power Station formed a death-defying corps with young vanguards to contribute to putting the power production on a normal basis.

80-odd youth shock brigades in the coal mining sector, too, are bringing about a great upsurge in production. In particular, many young people of the Pukchang Area Youth Coal Mining Complex and the Kujang Area Coal Mining Complex over-fulfilled their tunneling plans for the first quarter of the year and coal production plans for the first six months.

Young people in the metal industry, including the Chollima Steel Complex, are playing the vanguard role in the struggle to attain the iron and steel production goal set by the Party, helping and leading each other forward.

Youth league members of the Namhung Youth Chemical Complex and the Hungnam Fertilizer Complex have increased the fertilizer production through a brisk movement in which one overtakes and learns from others and swaps experiences with them.

Young people of the Sunchon Cement Complex have volunteered to do good things for cement production even after the shift, thus contributing to the fulfillment of the plan of the complex.

The youth league committee of the Ministry of Railways has conducted dynamic organizational and political work to encourage the young people to take the lead in the production of concrete sleepers for improving the strength of railways.

Young people in the railway transport sector carried out the repair of scores of locomotives by waging a youth shock brigade movement.

Enthusiasm for increased production is on the increase among youths in the light industry, too. More than 70 young employees of the Pyongyang Kim Jong Suk Textile Mill carried out their plans for the first three months or six months of the year through multi-spindle, multi-loom tending movement.

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