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Drug and sex addict Hunter Biden is HIV positive?

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Drug and sex addict Hunter Biden is HIV positive?

Hunter Biden is HIV positive. This is neither any tabloid gossip not fake news.

Joe Biden’s adult children share a strange habit of leaving their most intimate communications, thoughts and confessions where anybody can find them. Hunter Biden has not denied the laptop is his; Ashley Biden has not denied the diary is hers.

So why is not the media treating their contents as newsworthy? Is it because of extreme bias or those media outlets have already become media cartels, with the lone agenda of causing optimum damage to those who oppose Democratic Party, outrageous activities of the Squad members or continuous failures of Joe Biden?

Those liberal media is shy in telling the truth. They always make every attempt of burying the truth deep inside sand-hill while they become exceptionally energetic in publishing reports whenever there is anything against the conservatives. Those liberal media will never tell the American people that in addition to Hunter Biden’s scandalous laptop he lost or abandoned three more computers, including one recovered from celebrity therapist Keith Ablow’s office. And where are details about that recovered computer? Any idea? The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and mighty people inside the DOJ and White House are competing in hiding or suppressing this matter, totally from the attention of every American.

Let us get into our report.

According to media reports, Hunter Biden began illicit affairs with his elder brother Beau Biden’s wife, Hallie shortly after Beau dies of brain cancer in 2017, while Hunter was having wife Kathleen Buhle and children. Hunter and Buhle got divorced in 2017 after 24 years of marriage. Most surprisingly, when Joe Biden came to know about Hunter Biden’s illicit romance with Beau Biden’s widow Joe Biden encouraged and applauded such illicit romance stating: “We are all lucky that Hunter and Hallie found each other” — as if they collided randomly, like atoms — “as they were putting their lives together after such sadness. They have mine and Jill’s complete support and we are happy for them”.


Joe Biden did not mention about Hunter’s three traumatized daughters, or Hunter’s long-suffering, blindsided wife, or of Hallie and Beau’s children, their uncle now playing stepfather — that is, when he wasn’t out blowing money he didn’t have on drugs, booze, strippers and sex workers.

And here we also give some information about Jill Biden, American media’s “saintly step-mom”.

The first lady has spoken candidly about her 45-year marriage to Joe Biden in an intimate new interview — but appears oblivious to the obscene meaning of one activity she says she partakes in with the president, 79.


Jill, 70, told Harper’s Bazaar Monday that she and her hubby hash out their “occasional” fights via text message, describing the act as “fexting”.

But while the Bidens might think the slang term is a cute amalgamation of the words “fighting” and “texting,” Urban Dictionary defines the word as a crude colloquialism that actually means “f–king while texting”.


The website asserts that “fexting” can also be used in a variety of other contexts — but never as a slang term for fighting via text.

According to the site, the word can also mean “fake text messaging,” as well as “sending Facebook messages of an extreme sexual nature”.


The first lady may soon bring her own G-rated definition of the word into the public lexicon, saying she and Joe have been “fexting” for more than a decade.

Jill Biden told Harper’s that she started the practice back when she was second lady, saying she would squabble with her spouse via message, rather than argue with the then-vice president out loud in front of the Secret Service.


The pair continue to “fext” until this day, with the FLOTUS revealing she recently messaged something extremely hurtful to her husband during a spat.

The president was forced to remind the FLOTUS that their texts and emails are kept as part of a historical record of each presidency.


“Joe said, ‘You realize that’s going to go down in history. There will be a record of that’. I won’t tell you what I called him that time”, she confessed to the magazine.

We have heard about Hunter Biden’s illicit romance and physical relations with his elder brother widow Hallie. What we do not know yet is, in July 2018, when Hunter Biden came to know about him being HIV, he wrote to his brother’s widow stating “You need to get tested for HIV Hallie”. While having illicit romance and sexual relations with his brother’s widow, Hunter Biden was simultaneously dating with Hallie’s sister Elizabeth. Most of our readers might not have even heard about this Hunter-Elizabeth romance scandal.


Hunter to Elizabeth, via text: “We should shower together by [FaceTime] every morning or night. I’ll teach you how to ma…

Hunter, Hallie and Elizabeth lived together at Beau’s old house. “They were obviously up 24/7 just partying”, one source told the Daily Mail. “They would sit out on the patio like crackheads almost”.


Just imagine, if this was a Republican president’s family. Imagine the cries of hypocrisy, of poor personal character and amorality, of illegal activity run amok — family values, think of the children! It’s all we’d hear, morning to night.

A text from Hunter to Hallie, Nov. 2017: “By the way I’m going to have 5 strippers naked and admiring my d—k back to my hotel tonight and I’m going to smoke crack and drink enough to kill and [sic] elephant and put your kids” — Beau’s kids — “robbed over the phone and wake them up and assure them that your [sic] not as bad a person as you seem”.


After Hallie and Hunter broke up, Hunter wrote an email expressing confusion. Even though all kinds of familial and sexual boundaries had been crossed, he asked, why couldn’t they stay friends?

Amidst juggling the sisters, Hunter impregnated a stripper named Lunden Alexis Roberts, a woman he initially denied ever having sex with — even though she was on Hunter’s company’s payroll while pregnant.

None of the Bidens have ever acknowledged the daughter Hunter fathered with Lunden Alexis Roberts.

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