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Elisa Bellesia of EBISBANK claims to have left fraudulent ‘EcoShumi Foundation’

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Elisa Bellesia of EBISBANK claims to have left fraudulent ‘EcoShumi Foundation’

In our report titled ‘Gang of scam Dracula lands in Dubai’, as we published details about a fraudulent venture named ‘EcoShumi Foundation’ (Web Archive Link), Professor Milan Krajnc sent us an email requesting to remove his name from the report and said he also has asked his name to be removed from ‘EcoShumi Foundation’. Subsequently, a report was published in BLiTZ detailing the matter.

On September 20, 2022 we received an email from Elisa Bellesia [full name Elisa Ivan Bellesia Serra (fintech-galaxy)] stating:

My name is Elisa Bellesia. My attention has been drawn to an online publication by [link to our newspaper’s online version] on 15th September 2022 and 18th September 2022 in connection with ECOSHUMI GROUP [EcoShumi Foundation]. I gave my availability to attend the ECOSHUMI GROUP launching almost one month ago not knowing the allegations you labelled against the organization and its founder. I was not in any way a member of the management of the group, nor have I served the organization in whatever capacity. In addition, just like me, there are other non-active members who were equally invited to attend the event (as people in UAE and unaware/unknown of participation as in Saudi Arabia). Since your publication regarding the group, I have immediately contacted the organization, and they have removed my name completely from the event. Unfortunately, it is not possible verify deeply any single individual or Group that invite me to participate.


In her letter sent by email, Elisa Bellesia has also provided address, registration number and land phone number of EBISBANK. Their registered office address is at 11 Old Court House Old Court Place – W8 4PD Kensington, London, while registration number is 10025832.

It may be mentioned here that according to LinkedIn profile of Elisa Bellesia, she is the founder of EBISBANK.

From this email from Elisa Bellesia, it is evidently proved that she had given consent to the ‘EcoShumi Foundation’ fraud racket to join this notorious scam cartel, and on seeing reports in Blitz, she later had realized that her joining this racket was a bad decision. Subsequently she had asked those scammers to remove her name and photograph from the website of ‘EcoShumi Foundation’. Although the fraudulent ‘EcoShumi Foundation’ has been repeatedly deleting so much of information, names and photographs from its website, all the deleted contents, including those of Elisa Bellesia still remains LIVE on its archive.


Earlier on September 17, 2022, Ivan Serra, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of EBIS Next Generation ID Limited sent us an email claiming: “EbisBank is a brand of Ebis Next generation ID Limited company, registered on the UK Company House with high reputation in the UN and Other government”. Although we asked Serra to provide us evidence of his organization being having “high reputation in the UN [United Nations] and other government”, he failed to provide any such information.

From the response of Ivan Serra, CEO, EBIS Next Generation ID Limited, it is proved that ‘EbisBank’ is not any financial institution either dealing in cash or crypto. It is simply a “brand” of Ebis Next generation ID Limited company. We are unaware about what sort of product or products this UK-registered Ebis Next generation ID Limited is going to sell/market by using its ‘EbisBank’ brand.


By terming our reports as “fake” although Ivan Serra in his email said: “Before to mention people or company in the web, the professionalism suggest to bring information talking with the sources otherwise we are talking of defamation and this is a Penal case against whom are saying lies in regards of people and or companies. We are not linked to any scam or financial cartel like you said.

“Our addresses are clear in the company house, and because Ebisbank is a project, you have to note that you saw a landing page, our sustainable and inclusion project is more than you are saying”, it is now proved beyond doubt from the latest email from Elisa Bellesia, that the contents of Blitz reports were prolific and based on fact.


Most importantly, while Ivan Serra termed their ‘EbisBank’ as a “project” in his first email, he had later altered the terminology to “brand”, although it is clear, there is a distinctive difference between a brand and a project.

Also, following Ivan Serra’s frantic bids of intimidating our newspaper with blank threats of legal consequences such as “Penal case”, now EbisBank’s Elisa Bellesia in her email too made the same blank threat by stating: “If you refuse to desist from associating my name, my company brand with ECOSHUMI group, I will be left with no option but to seek legal redress about a defamatory case, by instructing my lawyers to defend my dignity and any other remedy available to me in law”.

Under such circumstance, while we are publishing this report, we strongly stand by all of our previous reports about ‘EcoShumi Foundation’ and people named in that fraudulent entity; we are demanding an apology from Ivan Serra and Elisa Bellesia for wrongly intimidating our newspaper with false threats of “case” and “legal redress”, and an apology from Ivan Serra for terming our reports as “fake”. We also like to firmly say – Blitz, a newspaper with bold editorial policy has been always publishing truth without fear since 2003. For the last twenty years, we have never bowed-down to any threats or intimidations, even when back in 2006, our newspaper office was bombed by radical Islamic militancy outlet – Khatmey Nabuwat Movement.

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Tajul Islam is a Special Correspondent of Blitz.

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