Exclusive sex club founder reveals Hunter Biden’s connections


US President Joe Biden’s corruption and scandal-plagued son Hunter Biden was a member of an exclusive and pricey private sex club, which was founded by Damon Lawner in 2013. According to The New York Post, founder of an elite Los Angeles-based sex club has been banned from the X-rated organization after claiming Hunter Biden was once a member and got kicked out for being a “scumbag”.

The NY Post said, performers from the luxury sex club SNCTM dished about what really goes on behind the members-only doors, where lovers are chained up, dressed as animals and even romp onstage.

Entry can cost up to US$50,000 per year just to experience the pleasure of the club, which is hosted in penthouse suites around the world. Guests include famed actors, professional athletes, affluent businessmen and the elite 1 percent, all of whom participate in elaborate dinners, pool parties, masquerade balls — and, of course, their wildest sexual fantasies.

“We intentionally curate the crowd to contain a mixture of different types of guests”, a rep for SNCTM, which prohibits cellphones and enforces a black-tie dress code, told Jam Press. “Homogeneity is boring”.

Access to the exclusive, intimate society is on an application basis, and participants eager to get their freak on are assessed based on reputation and if they fit the “atmosphere”.

The main event of each night is obviously the erotic performances, which are designed by Inka Nevala, the creative director.

Damon Lawner, the founder of Snctm, identified Hunter Biden as an ex-member of the private club in a since-deleted Instagram post.

Lawner alleged that Hunter’s behavior at his first sex party was so bad that he had to boot him from the club.

“Hunter was a member at Snctm and I canceled his membership after 1 party because he’s a scumbag”, Lawner wrote in the post.

Hunter Biden, who faced a laundry list of serious tax and gun charges that could have left in in jail for years, was given a special dispensation by federal prosecutors this week – a “diversion” on the gun case and misdemeanors over his failure to pay taxes on millions of dollars in income.

A club spokeswoman claimed, “Snctm, as a private members club, prioritizes the safety and privacy of our esteemed members above all. Consequently, we neither confirm nor deny the identities of our attendees. Furthermore, we uphold a strict code of conduct, and any infringement leads to a lifetime ban. Please note that Mr. Lawner’s membership has been revoked, effective immediately”.

The report explained members “pay as much as US$75,000 per year” for access to club events, parties and “soirees”.

The Daily Caller News Foundation in a report said Lawner later doubled down on his social media comments, insisting to the Los Angeles Times, “Posting what I did on my Instagram about Hunter was me letting people know that the type of behavior that he exhibited was something that upsets me. I knew that the consequences could be me not being part of Snctm anymore, but I was willing to take that risk”.

The report said among members are “millionaires, CEOs, politicians and Hollywood actors”.

Lawner got his inspiration for the club from “Eyes Wide Shut”, a Tom Cruise movie where rich celebrities have high class orgies.

Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop revealed images of the president’s son with prostitutes and smoking crack, among other things, which was revealed by Marco Polo, a research organization fighting corruption and blackmailing.

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Sohail Choudhury
Sohail Choudhury
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