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Extreme sexual madness of British MPs exposed

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Extreme sexual madness of British MPs exposed

British MPs are accused of offering favor to foreigners and foreign countries in exchange of meeting their sexual perversion while there also are gross allegations of majority of the interns being forced to having sex with the lawmakers. There also are allegations against UK MPs of taking young female interns on their foreign trips and treating them as “part-time” girlfriends.

According to media reports, British MPs have been urged to report a colleague to Parliament’s sleaze watchdog after they allegedly propositioned young female interns on a foreign trip. The allegation is the latest in a series of lurid claims about the activities of MPs and peers on visits abroad arranged by All-Party Parliamentary Groups (APPGs).

On a trip to a country that is a major ally of Britain, an MP is claimed to have been told off for repeatedly propositioning young female interns who were helping to organize the tour.

Senior Labour MP Chris Bryant, the chair of the House of Commons’ Standards Committee, has now called on any MP who witnessed such behavior to report it to Parliament’s Independent Complaints and Grievance Scheme (ICGS).

British politicians were allegedly met by sex workers at their hotel during a foreign state visit, with concerns that such behavior leaves them open to blackmail.

“The bad behavior is quite astonishing,” a senior government source told British newspaper The Times. “If a hostile state is lucky, they may get photos, and they will make sure they know exactly what has happened. And then they might get something from that”.

The sex worker visit may have happened without the Members of Parliament (MPs) knowing in advance, The Times noted.

A separate source also complained to The Times that MP visits to authoritarian countries gave leaders in those countries some legitimacy as “world statesmen with international friends”.

The trips result from all-party parliamentary groups (APPG), which allow members of parliament – regardless of party affiliation – to campaign on specific topics, which often leads to visits to foreign states. The groups have no formal system for deciding their membership and usually do not have dedicated work staff.

However, the APPG trips have connected to a number of other allegations, including a claim that one Labour MP prefers “Russian girls” and that MPs have attended parties during which younger people were offered for sex.

Politico earlier this month investigated the APPG trips and labeled them as opportunities for MPs to indulge in “sex tourism”.

It is also alleged that a large number of British MPs ask for direction to brothels during their foreign tours. Prime Minister Rishi SUnam has admitted the reported behavior of MPs on APPG trips is “clearly very concerning”, although the Prime Minister has pointed to how the regulation of APPGs is a matter for Parliament.

There are more than 700 APPGs, of which around 130 are dedicated to specific countries and these often arrange lavish visits to those nations for their members.

Fears have been expressed that British politicians are leaving themselves open to blackmail through misbehavior abroad, with concerns that hostile states might obtain incriminating evidence.

Amid the allegations about APPG visits, it has been reported that MPs on a visit to a foreign dictatorship were met at their hotel by sex workers.

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