Exxon Mobil experts present a course on developing climate solutions


Specialized experts from ExxonMobil Qatar delivered a two-day course titled “Carbon Management – Developing Climate Solutions” in the presence of more than 25 undergraduate and postgraduate students from the College of Engineering at Texas A&M University at Qatar. A number of university professors and technical staff also attended the course.
The course was co-hosted by Loan Tran, Director of External Communication and Advocacy for Climate Change and Greenhouse Gases at ExxonMobil, Dr. Janeth Bala Subrminen, Director of the Carbon Management Program at ExxonMobil Qatar, and Dr. Hazem Abdel Moaty, Joint Asset Advisor, ExxonMobil Qatar; Their combined experience of more than 50 years working with ExxonMobil.
Experts discussed in depth the role of the energy industry in meeting the needs of our modern world, reviewed the risks of climate change and the scope of sustainable solutions that would contribute to mitigating the effects of these risks, and stressed the importance of supporting these efforts at the policy level. In addition, an innovative case study was conducted to ensure that the students attending understood all the practical aspects of the course topic.
Dominique Genetti, President and General Manager of ExxonMobil Qatar, said: “We would like to thank Texas A&M University at Qatar for allowing us the opportunity to offer this course to its students, which aims to help students understand the basics of climate science and appropriate climate solutions, which requires Universities are working towards incorporating carbon education into their academic programs, and it is commendable to see Texas A&M University take this path already.”
He added, “Based on its long history in the field of innovation, along with its scientific and operational expertise, ExxonMobil has the technical readiness that enables it to play a key role in developing innovative solutions and promoting sustainability such as carbon capture and storage technologies, recycling, and nature-based solutions.” and many more. It was our pleasure to share this knowledge and experience with students and professors alike attending the course.”
Dr. Cesar Octavio Malavé, dean of Texas A&M at Qatar, said: “We look forward to empowering students from across Education City’s colleges – not just the engineering students at Texas A&M at Qatar – through the engineering enrichment program we are already working on. We are happy to cooperate with our partners, Exxon Mobil. As mitigating the effects of climate change requires concerted efforts from everyone, especially from academic and industry partners alike. Our cooperation with partners such as ExxonMobil ensures that students have a realistic view of contemporary challenges and enhance their ability to face such challenges.
The students who attended the course understand the importance of the role of science and engineering in meeting the challenge of achieving carbon neutrality, and thus this educational opportunity comes as an enriching experience for the students; To help them understand the range of exciting roles in engineering they can play in the future and contribute to achieving zero emissions and building a more sustainable world.
“Students today understand the importance of engineering in making a difference in the world and improving people’s lives, and I was impressed with the level of skill and passion that I saw in the course participants,” said Tran. She added: “It was great to have a discussion about sustainability solutions and technologies that are being explored at the present time, especially in the energy industry, and to hear their ideas about the proposed solutions.”
Bina Debnat, one of the students participating in the course, commented: “The educational experience provided by ExxonMobil was unique and enjoyable. It is impressive to see ExxonMobil’s attempts to adapt the challenges we face regarding climate change and carbon emissions issues. The themes that were discussed during the course helped me enrich my graduation project, which discusses the issue of carbon emissions.
Fatima Buhulaika, one of the students participating in the course, said: “I am happy to have attended this course, through which I learned practical and realistic applications of how to analyze and calculate climate change data on a global scale. “This cooperation comes within the framework of an agreement between ExxonMobil Qatar and Texas A&M University at Qatar to promote joint initiatives between the two parties and enhance cooperative opportunities between them in the field of carbon management and sustainability. It is also in line with ExxonMobil Qatar’s commitment to supporting national strategies aimed at developing education and stimulating interest and passion.” Among Qatari youth in the field of engineering and studying science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects. These efforts are guided by the Qatar National Vision 2030, which has set among its goals the development of a skilled workforce in order to build a sustainable future.

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