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Guarded by Secret Service, Ashley Biden parties at swanky nightclubs

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Guarded by Secret Service, Ashley Biden parties at swanky nightclubs

When Joe Biden is repeatedly instructing Americans to strictly follow mask-mandate and people are suffering from unbearable inflation, baby formula crisis, border crisis, gas crisis and series of crises, the daughter of the US President, Ashley Biden (40) is seen partying in swanky Hollywood nightclubs, spending lavishly and frequently visiting expensive shopping malls in Malibu accompanied by her friends and of course under protection of Secret Service.

Ashley, founder of ethically-conscious weekend-wear company Livelihood, accessorized with a stack of bangles, big silver hoop earrings, a choker-style necklace, black glasses and a number of silver rings – although it’s unclear in the photos whether she chose to wear her wedding band. Her unnamed female friend dressed in head-to-toe black – chunky-heeled black combat boots with silver decals, black skinny jeans, a black velour jacket over a black top, a silver statement ring on her middle finger and thick silver bangle was seen accompanying her, while Secret Service agents, hiding weapons beneath their Polo-shirts. Ashley’s husband was not seen with her during any of these nightclub rendezvouses.

Ashley, who admitted in her diary about being addicted to drug and “always boy crazy. Hyper-sexualized @ a young age” she also remembers somewhat being sexualized with a family member, seems to have not changed yet. She was seen by the photo journalists casual in gray skinny jeans, a camo jacket, black pointed-toe heels, a black v-neck , a stack of silver bangles, big hoops, silver rings and a brown leather fanny pack slung over her shoulder. And of course, she was not wearing a mask.

The American first-daughter seems to be in partying-mood 24/7 while her father approval ratings having a nosedive. According to a Quinnipiac University survey, majority of voters said they disapprove of how Joe Biden handles the presidency.


Ashley is married to Philadelphia-based surgeon Dr. Howard Klein.

Ashley Biden is accompanied by an unknown ‘male friend’

The First Daughter, who has remained largely out of the spotlight during her father’s political career, said in January after the Capitol riots that she took some comfort from knowing how ‘incredible’ the Secret Service are, adding: ‘[Her father Joe Biden] has so much protection, so in that way, I don’t [worry]’. Now, she too is under the protection of the Secret Service and she will enjoy this privilege at the expenses of American’s tax-dollars throughout her father’s time in the White House.

One of the posh nightclubs Ashley Biden regularly visits is the roaring 20’s-themed Delilah Nightclub, which features a live jazz band, a troupe of female dancers and lounge-style bottle-service according to their website, is a popular celebrity hangout – the likes of Rihanna, Dua Lipa, Conor McGregor and Larsa Pippen have been photographed leaving the joint by paparazzi. Most importantly, Ashley Biden is accompanied by unknown men, including a heavily tattooed male friend. No one knows, who this “male friend” is.


One of Ashley Biden’s frequently visited stores is Gorjana and high-end boutique Ron Herman – from which she is seen leaving with large carrier bag in tow. The store offers a variety of designer clothing and jewelry from a range of brands, including pricey accessories label Spinelli Kilcollin and fashion favorite Acne Studios.

Prices on the store’s website – which includes both men’s and women’s offerings – range from US$35 for a simple pair of socks to a staggering US$12,800 for a chain link necklace.


Ashley seemed keen to remain under the radar during her shopping trip, throughout which she kept her green face covering on as she browsed in the stores, and spent some time lining up for one of the public restrooms at the mall.

She was joined for the outing by a male pal, who was seen sitting outside of the bathroom waiting for the First Daughter to emerge, before helping her with her shopping bag.


The unnamed gentleman looked relaxed and casual in a pair of turquoise pants and a simple blue T-shirt, which showed off several large tattoo designs on his arms.

No one may ask, where from the First Daughter is getting such large amount of cash for continuing her shopping bonanza. No one even can ask, what she is doing in posh night clubs aside from being accompanied by “male friends”. Is she also looking for drug?

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