Hamas produces ‘Mother of Satan’ explosive

Back in 2018 a Florida man was arrested on suspicion of manufacturing an explosive chemical called the ‘Mother of Satan’, powerful enough to blow up a neighborhood block.

Police discovered jars of the highly explosive substance triacetone triperoxide, which is a white crystal powder called the “Mother of Satan” by terrorist groups like Al Qaeda.

The substance was used in the 2017 Manchester bombing, the 2015 Paris attacks and by “Shoe Bomber” Richard Reid in 2001, according to Sheriff Mike Chitwood.

The arrested person told police that he began making explosives when he discovered a passion for model rockets and began to experiment with other types of explosives when those model rockets weren’t exciting enough, according to a police report. Coburn said he used YouTube videos to “progress his knowledge,” the report said.

Meanwhile, according to media reports, mega-terror outfit Hamas has started producing “thousands of new rockets”. Fathi Hamad, a member of Hamas told media “Our factories and workshops have restarted producing thousands of rockets”.

This report indicates, Hamas is taking preparations for another atrocious rocket attacks on Israel, defying the current ceasefire.

It is also learned Iran and Qatar are providing millions of dollars to Hamas with the notorious agenda of spreading terrorist activities within Middle East and target Saudi Arabia in a nearest future.

According to the Washington Post, most analysts said that the rockets used in the strikes from Gaza during the recent Gaza war used familiar technology, including rockets first fired during the last major flare-up between Israel and Hamas in 2014. However, the way they were used may have changed.

“My impression is that the rockets now used by the Palestinians are not different in technology but different in size to the ones used in 2014,” said Uzi Rubin, an Israeli defense engineer who formerly headed Israel’s Missile Defense Organization, pointing to higher-caliber weapons with heavier warheads.

Estimates of the size of Hamas’s stockpile vary. Michael Herzog, a retired brigadier general in the Israel Defense Forces who is now a fellow with the Washington Institute, estimated that the group could have 8,000 to 10,000 projectiles.

Some analysts said that it was difficult to know exactly how large the stockpiles collected by Hamas and Islamic Jihad were, but that they appeared to have grown. “Hamas stockpiles are larger than in 2014,” Rubin added, “although they were large enough even then.”

Most are probably short-range rockets capable of traveling only six to 12 miles from the border, Herzog said, but “a sizable portion” of Hamas’s weapons store consists of longer-range rockets able to reach major population centers throughout Israel.

Hamas has acquired some from abroad, including Fajr-3 and Fajr-5 rockets from Iran and M302 rockets from Syria, according to Hinz, but the group is now capable of producing rockets domestically with ranges of almost 100 miles, technically putting most of Israel within range.

Currently, Hamas produces the bulk of its weapons at facilities in Gaza using homemade and smuggled materials and know-how transmitted from Iran and Lebanese militant group Hezbollah.

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