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Hillary Clinton’s Russiagate is worse than Watergate

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Hillary Clinton’s Russiagate is worse than Watergate

Russiagate, which was funded and backed by Hillary Clinton is worse than Watergate scandal. It is already proved through media reports that Obama administration tasked the FBI and CIA to help the Democrats’ 2016 candidate, Hillary Clinton, by framing the Republican nominee, Donald Trump, as a mole for the Kremlin. And, to execute this scheme, let’s say the FBI and CIA first tasked operatives of the Clinton campaign to cook up evidence that could be spun to make Trump look like a Russian spy, and then used that bogus evidence as a pretext to (a) open investigations, (b) apply to the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court for surveillance warrants, and (c) monitor Trump and his associates. Still, Democrats and the left-leaning media is the US are arguing stating – “What does worse than Watergate mean! Not surprisingly, then, “worse than Watergate” is the livid cry we’ve heard from former President Trump and his supporters”.

Pro-Democrat media pundits say, “to be of Watergate dimension, a scandal needs proof that government officials were the puppet masters behind the political spying against Trump — that the government drove the conspiracy. According to Durham, that is not what happened. Instead, he alleges that presumably well-meaning government officials were having their strings pulled. They were mere dupes of the real masterminds: Hillary Clinton’s campaign operatives”.

It should be mentioned here that, Durham’s eye-popping court submission last week came in the case he has brought against one of those operatives, Michael Sussmann. A now-former partner at the politically connected Perkins Coie law firm, Sussmann is accused of lying to the FBI in 2016 to conceal the identity of clients — specifically, the Clinton campaign and another of its operatives, tech executive Rodney Joffe — on whose behalf he brought the FBI derogatory information about Trump.

Everyone is aware of the fact that Sussmann had been a Justice Department cybersecurity lawyer. In the Washington way, he was thus chummy with other officials in the alphabet soup of national security agencies, including the FBI’s then-general counsel, James Baker. It was only natural, then, in the Washington way, that the Clinton campaign selected Sussmann as the perfect swamp insider to convey the deceptive information to the FBI.

Now Hillary Clinton and her Democratic Party cronies will leave no stone unturned in burying the Durham findings. Because, this may certainly lead to real complications for Clinton and few other heavyweights in the party. Instead of arguing whether Russiagate scandal is bigger than Watergate, it is time for the US authorities to take the matter seriously and punish those culprits who have made frantic bids in defaming American democracy and electoral process.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Retired442

    February 22, 2022 at 05:11

    What were the government guys saying.
    That they were not conspirators but rather damn incompetent fools who were taken in?
    And that didn’t even mention the British agents like Steele the others who disappeared from view since then.

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