Huawei showcases the future of 5.5G network technology at SAMENA Summit


Huawei is participating in the SAMENA Council of Telecom Leaders Summit 2023, the leading and most prominent event of its kind in the telecom sector in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia, which is being hosted by Dubai in mid-May under the theme “Sustainable Connectivity and Emerging Systems in the Digital Economy”.

The summit schedule includes vital topics to be discussed by a group of industry leaders, the most important of which are the requirements of the information and communication technology infrastructure in the region, the challenges of adopting more digital services, new digital enablers, multidimensional methodologies for cybersecurity, and the development of digital technologies for fifth generation networks in light of the experience of transition to the fifth generation. The half and other topics such as cyber security systems and the adoption of international regulatory policies and standards for the telecommunications and information technology sector. During the summit, Huawei will shed light on the enormous social and economic benefits of digital transformation in the region, and explore with its partners paths for the development of digital economies in the countries of the region by activating digitization systems enhanced by communication technologies and advanced solutions such as artificial intelligence and cloud computing.

Huawei’s most prominent contributions to this year’s edition of the summit include hosting the World Forum on the Information Society (WSIS 2023) in cooperation with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). Organizing the 5.5G technology forum and dialogue sessions aimed at synergizing joint efforts in the green development of the ICT sector in the region, introducing the “Giga City” model, and discussing other vital axes related to digital resilience and cybersecurity requirements in the region. The accelerated digital world.

Commenting on Huawei’s participation in the summit and its sponsorship of it for the tenth year in a row, Bokar Aba, CEO and member of the Board of Directors of Samena Communications, said: “The summit aims to support efforts to address the challenges of the sustainability of the communications and information technology sector in the region, and its impact on digital systems and building digital economies.” .

For his part, Stephen Ye, President of Huawei in the Middle East and Central Asia, said: “Digital transformation continues to bring more distinguished social and economic benefits to societies in the region and the world, but continuous progress in this field remains subject to strengthening digital confidence that should be based on facts and international standards.” agreed to allow digital systems to take root and grow.

He added, “We are committed to continuing to focus on contributing to the development of sustainable systems, standards, and ecosystems for information and communication technology, in cooperation with customers and partners, to upgrade the potential of this sector, and to create a stimulating environment that achieves the desired success through open cooperation and joint innovation.”

During the summit, Huawei and SAMENA Telecommunications Council will host the World Forum for the Information Society WSIS 2023 in cooperation with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) under the slogan “Enhancing Digital Trust to Build a Sustainable, Smart and More Connected World”.

The forum aims to shed light on opportunities to provide digital transformation, such as improving levels of productivity, innovation, modernization, accelerating economic growth and human development, which is entrusted with taking appropriate measures and building trust between the concerned parties.

The Huawei 5.5G Technology Forum, which will be held during the summit, will provide an exceptional dialogue platform to discuss the prospects for the advantages of the new era of communication networks that will provide more advanced opportunities for connecting all things using smart technologies. The forum will reveal the five most important advantages that will be achieved by the fifth and a half generation networks, including 10 Gbps experiences, an integrated landscape for the Internet of Things technology, integrated communication systems, autonomous driving networks for data centers of the fourth level, and green information and communication technology, where technical innovations contribute In the era of the fifth and a half generation, the network performance has improved by ten times compared to the capabilities of the current fifth generation networks. Moreover, the new era will enable telecom companies to unlock new horizons and business opportunities by 100 times.

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