I want to launch the “My Business Push-to-Talk” service


Urid has announced the launch of “My Business Push-to-Talk” service, which is a service dedicated to group communications over the cellular network.
Push-to-Talk over the cellular network is a one-to-many service option for businesses to enable their workers to collaborate on critical operational tasks. Corporate customers can use walkie-talkies, which have unlimited range. Push-to-Talk provides users with the ability to communicate with multiple people at the touch of a button.
My Business Push-to-Talk service relies on advanced voice broadcasting technology, in a way that ensures that the voice in every call is clearly audible. Building on this strong foundation, Aamali Push-to-Talk can be integrated with multimedia services, providing users with a number of options such as direct video sharing, uploading photos and videos, and sending multimedia messages.
On-site real-time services are based on the Dispatch Console that enables easy access to users, monitoring groups of speakers, keeping call logs, and much more. A real-time, multiple backup function ensures data is kept secure within Qatar, while coreless node connections and dynamically balanced designs provide uninterrupted service continuity.
In this regard, Thani Al-Malki, Head of Corporate Services at Urid, said: “For customers, this service is a real improvement in terms of having to make a number of phone calls to coordinate between members of a particular group. The management capabilities provided by Aamali Push-to-Talk at various levels meet the requirements of both small and medium enterprises.”
Corporate clients can take advantage of the advantages that make “Urid” the best company for companies thanks to the many talents it employs, in addition to what it provides of the best fixed and mobile networks and the widest range of communications and information technology services and solutions, in addition to being the trusted partner for more than From 60 years old.

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