Ideological education intensifies amongst DPRK workers

At a time when the rural development in the new era is dynamically pushed forward under the wise leadership of the Party, officials and members of the Union of Agricultural Workers of Korea (UAWK) across the country are significantly marking the first anniversary of the important letter sent by the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un to the participants in the 9th Congress of the UAWK.

In his historic letter, Kim Jong Un comprehensively indicated the tasks and ways for the union to take the lead in the struggle for attaining the goal of socialist rural construction and to fulfill in a responsible manner its mission and role as a advancing group and vanguard of the rural revolution in modeling the whole countryside on the Juche idea.

In hearty response to the great practical program, union organizations steadily raised the effectiveness of ideological education while conducting brisk mass movements including socialist emulation and various good-conduct movements.

The UAWK Central Committee concentrated its efforts on firmly arming all union members with the revolutionary idea of our Party and preparing them as rural revolutionaries and patriotic agricultural workers in the new era who carry into practice the Party’s plan for rural construction in the van and conducted the ideological education in an offensive way.

The union organizations at all levels conducted education to revolutionize and train their members into communists imbued with the Juche idea.

The brisk mass movements, including socialist emulation and various good-conduct movements, were launched to encourage the union members’ enthusiasm for collective emulation.

The valuable achievements made in the last year’s struggle inspire the union officials and members with enthusiasm to unconditionally attain the grain production goal set forth by the Party through brisk socialist patriotic movement, revolutionary mass movement in the general advance for this year.

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